Online Vehicle System Sale Case Study of Rwandamotor

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  • Published : April 23, 2013
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I Murayire kabera Vedaste i confirm this work done as essay while i was studying kigali institute of education . i was studying at university in final level computer science with education in 2011.


We dedicate this final research.



I, Jatin Uppadhyay certify that this dissertation “online vehicles system sale “has been under my supervision and has been submitted with my approval.


Mr. Jatin Uppadhyay


We, MURAYIRE KABERA Vedaste and NABAYO Adrien, hereby declare that this dissertation entitled “The Online Vehicles System Sale” is our own work and has never been presented anywhere else either in Universities or higher institutions of leaning for award of any degree.





The Online Vehicle System Sale was initiated as a final project to submit in the fulfillment of the requirements of the award of Bachelor's Degree in computer science with education. This work has been a result of joint effort from different persons, without whom the completion of this research would not be success.

This is the time for us to acknowledge their incomparable help. First of all, we thank the almighty God who always guide and protect us and make possible what was seems to be difficult for us. Our thanks go to Mr. Jatin Uppadhyay our supervisor for his endless guidance and supervision in the achievement of this work. A heartfelt to our parents, for their great commitment and invaluable moral and material support, will always be remembered, to our beloved Teachers for their education with endless love and support during our studies.

We are also grateful to our brothers, sisters, friends, relatives and classmates for the cooperation and encouragement, our sincere gratitude as well. The particular thanks to the computer science, the faculty of science, the Kigali Institute of Education and the Rwandan Government. Their support made working on this project possible.


This research is conceived with the aim of computerizing the service of Rwanda motor (RDM S.A) related to their clients, whereby the OVSS was designed in order to help clients and staff of RDM S.A. The OVSS is a website where clients are registering to be allowed for Booking and buying their appropriate cars depending to their wishes; it helps the staff of RDM S.A to manage their clients and performing well their work.

This research includes 5 chapters. Chapter 1 defines problem, hypothesis, objectives etc. Chapter 2 talks about the analysis of the study. Chapter 3 presents the design and development of the Software .Chapter 4 presents the recommendation and conclusion of the study.

To carry out investigation, documents review, on-site-observation, library-based research ,field observation, basic knowledge, guidance from different experts and Internet were used. Macromedia Dreamweaver 8, EasyPHP package (MySQL, Apache server, PHP) on Windows XP operating system were used in designing this website.


1. DB: Database
2. DBMS: database management system
3. ERD: Entity Relationship Diagram
4. HTML: Hyper Text Markup Language
5. HTTP: Hyper Text Transfer Protocol
6. IT: Information Technology
7. ITAA: Information Technology Association of America...
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