Online Therapy Paper

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  • Published : April 1, 2013
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Online Therapy Paper
June 25, 2012
Valerie Avera

Online Therapy Paper
In today’s busy society, we have turned to many online solutions for our every day busy lives. Online therapy is one of the solutions for people who are looking for a less intrusive type of therapy. I researched three sites of online therapy, each having a different way of handling online therapy. Online therapy ranges from online chat, forums, Skype, video conference, email, and texting. Online Counseling & Psychotherapy is operated by a single therapist, Adrian Yates, MCS, ACC, LHS. The online counseling offers video counseling via Skype, a video calling program. This online therapist offers a once a week session for sixty minutes, unless it is needed more or less. The counseling services offered are for depression, anxiety, stress, relationship issues, eating disorders, and weight loss. This online therapy offers a privacy policy committed to ensure that your privacy is protected. The website does state that it uses cookies to track information to better serve customers, but also states that information will not be sold or used for anything other than what it is intended. The therapist/client confidentiality rules still apply to online therapy. The therapists states that he is protected with the latest security software, and the programs used are encrypted to ensure that information cannot be accessible to others. The therapist also states that therapists are required to seek supervision and may discuss information with other therapists. The therapist/client confidentiality is the same online as it is in person. The safeguards for online therapy are having an effective firewall and virus protection, a computer that is used only for providing therapy, effective encryption software, programs and hardware that are compatible with confidentiality, programs like Skype with voice over internet protocol, and any recorded sessions must be encrypted. This type of...
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