Online Therapy Paper

Topics: Counseling, Mental health, Psychotherapy Pages: 3 (994 words) Published: November 10, 2012
This paper is the summary of research that was conducted about three different online therapy websites. This summary will further explore each of the three different online therapy websites but also discuss the content on each website as well the professionals that are involved with the website. In additional this summary will discussion what and how the online interaction happens with online therapy. Some other topic that will be discussion and explore throughout this summary is security as well as ethical issues for online therapy. Furthermore this paper will discuss the views of how professional associations as well state regulatory boards view online therapy Website # 1

The first website that was visited is called At the first glance there is information everywhere about programs that are offered, how it works , as well as a complete listing of the 343 therapist that you can pick to do online therapy with. Take a further looking into the directories of the all the therapist that Online uses and as there is a vast collection of professional from all over the US and they all seem to be very well education, for example take Kevin Kappler Ph.D is from California and has many years experience being a therapist. In fact Kevin Kapple Ph.D said " I have had twenty five years experience as a therapist. I specialize in solution focused brief therapy. I have helped many people overcome the problems Online-Therapy.Com specializes in. The uniqueness of this web-site's approach is that you as a client have a way to see your concerns in specific ways and work with me in developing a tailor made treatment strategy. As the process continues I can provide clear suggestions as to how to gain control over that area of your life that has caused so much pain and suffering"( Now I personally have never used any kind of service of like this online and would have to say that I think that I would be skeptically about things...
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