Online Therapy

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Online Therapy
Paula Smith
August 27, 2012
Macie Smith

Online Therapy
Online therapy is a new form of receiving therapy. Online therapy is a different form of therapy then the typical face to face therapy one is use to. Interaction with online therapy happens through different forms of communication such as video chat, e-mail, and instant messaging. Security issues can happen with online therapy. State and professional associations review online therapy this paper will also address how reviews are accomplished with online therapy and the advantages and disadvantages will be addressed. Online therapy can be a wonderful tool for those who are struggling to meet a therapist in the therapist’s office. Serenity Online Therapy

Serenity Online Therapy offers a verity of therapy sessions. Some of the therapy sessions that are offered are: depression, panic attacks, anger management, addiction, dual diagnosis, grief and loss, codependency 1 and 2, and childhood trauma (Serenity Online Therapy, 2005-2012). Serenity Online Therapy is operated by one therapist who specializes in different areas of therapy. Therapy sessions are based through e-mail or chat. E-mails can be sent 24 hours a day seven days a week whenever the client feels the need to talk.

Online-Therapy offers Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Therapy sessions are offered for: addiction, agoraphobia, anger, anxiety, bipolar, BPD, depression, GAD, insomnia, relationship problems, OCD, panic attack, PTSD, social anxiety, speech anxiety, stress, and weight problems (, 2009-2012). offers a verity of therapists depending on one’s needs. Online-Therapy offers services to clients around the world. Therapy is offered in Eight week sessions. Worksheets are given to clients to complete and the therapist gives the client feedback with each worksheet that is completed. Worksheets can be completed daily along with daily feedback of the worksheets....
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