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Topics: Roman Empire, Ancient Rome, Middle Ages Pages: 19 (3988 words) Published: October 22, 2012
Chapters 5 and 6 Study Guide

1.For the Romans, _________ Italy's __________ geography made Rome a natural crossroads and an area easy to defend. P114

2.Rome was established in the first millennium B.C. on the plain of __________ plain of Latium ___________. P114

3.All of the following about the Etruscans are correct expelled many of Rome's patrician class and established a republic in Rome in 509 B.C.p.114-115 a.| settled north of Rome.|
b.| adopted alphabetic language from the Greeks before 600 B.C.| c.| had begun to decline by 480 B.C.|
d.| "civilized" Rome by turning it into a true city.|

4.______________ Rome ____________ set a precedent for treating its vanquished foes after forming the Roman Confederation by offering the most favored "allied" peoples full Roman citizenship, thus giving them a stake in successful Roman expansion. p. 120

5._____________ Rome’s ______’s conquest of the Italian peninsula by 264 B.C. can be attributed in part to superb diplomacy.p. 121

6.In defeating the ___________ Greek ____________ city-states in southern Italy, Rome had to fight the soldiers of King Pyrrhus, sent against them by the Greeksp. 120

7.The Roman ____________ Dictator _____________ was a temporary executive during the period of the Republic and exercised unlimited power for a period of usually six months.p. 117

8.Executive authority or ___________ imperium ___________ during the Roman Republic was held by the consuls and praetors.p. 117

9.As Rome expanded, it became Roman policy to govern the provinces with officials known as ______________ proconsuls __________ and propraetors.p. 117

10.The ___________ paterfamilias ________ in Roman society was the male head of the household.p. 118

11.Originally the Roman ________ Senate __________ could only advise the magistrates in legal matters. p.117

12.In their struggle with the patricians, Roman __________ plebeins ____________employed which of the following tactics: a physical withdrawal from the state undercutting its military manpower and the formation of popular assemblies to lobby for more political reforms. p. 118

13.The _______ twelve _______ Tables was/were the first formal codification of Roman law and customs. p. 118-119

14.The following statements about the Roman armies in the early Republic are correct.p.125 a.| All soldiers were citizens.|
b.| Most soldiers were farmers.|
c.| Soldiers were enrolled for only a year.|
d.| In the fourth century BCE there were four legions, each consisting of 4,000 to 5,000 men.|

15.The _________ Carthaginians __________originated from Phoenician Tyre.p. 121

16.The immediate cause of the First Punic War was Rome sending an army to_______ Sicily ____________. p. 122

17.As a result of the First Punic War the Carthaginians were forced to withdraw from ___________ Sicily _____________ and pay an indemnity to Rome.p. 122

18.During the Second Punic War, ____________ Scipio Africanus _______________ expelled the Carthaginians from Spain and later won the decisive Battle of Zama. p. 124

19.The Second Punic War saw Carthage carry a land war to Rome by crossing the _____ Alps ____. p. 123

20.The Roman senator who led the movement for the complete destruction of Carthage was ___ Cato ____.P.124

21.The result of the _________ Third Punic War ____________ Punic War was the complete destruction and subjugation of Carthage. p. 124

22.It can best be said that __________ Roman _____________ imperial expansion was highly opportunistic, responding to unanticipated military threats and possibilities for glory.p.124

23.The head of the Roman religious observances was______ the pontifex maximus _______. p. 127

24.In Roman __________ religion...
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