Online Student Alumni System

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An Online alumni tracking system is an example of web application which is under the information systems. It helps an academic institution in tracking its alumni. Also, it helps the alumni to communicate with the institution through the use of the internet. It also helps the alumni to get updated with the latest news and upcoming events of the institution. This application can easily be accessed through the use of the internet which will be very useful to the alumni because they can keep in touch with the institution even if they do not visit the school. This application can be very useful especially to those alumni who are now living abroad because they can still get connected with their fellowmen and the institution. This application is also useful because it can make transactions and process paperless.

Nowadays, computer have infiltrated all the aspects of our society. The computer is most likely one of the great technological mechanism for future change. It can now simply make our works easier and lighter. With this great thing it won’t be more useful without the computer’s software. Software is a generic term for organized collections of computer data and instructions, often broken into two major categories: system software that provides the basic non-task-specific functions of the computer, and application software which is used by users to accomplish specific tasks.


The project is to create a system for managing Student alumni data for the Computer Science and Engineering branch of a college. The software components will be a database and an alumni web site. The web site will include various web applications that will be used by alumni and Computer Science staff to manage the data. The software must be extensible as the requirements are likely to change over time. The project is envisaged to be completed in two phases. The initial phase will be the creation of a simple system that will be used to capture data from current final year students before the end of term. The second phase of development will extend the functionality of the system to allow past alumni to register.



To design and develop an online alumni tracking system for PATEROS CATHOLIC HIGHSCHOOL that can help the alumni and placement officer track all alumni easily and disseminate accurate information, generate accurate reports and keep alumni in touch with their fellow alumni and the institution.


* To design and develop a module that will help the alumni and placement officer to communicate with all the alumni through the use of internet.

* The developers designed and developed a module that will help the alumni and placement officer to communicate with all the alumni of the school. This will solve the communication problem between school, the alumni and placement officer and the alumni. Alumni in Pateros Catholic Highschool can easily access this through the use of the internet. In order to achieve this objective, the developers have developed a module that will allow users to chat with each other. Also the developers developed a form in the website that will allow them to post topics in the forums section.

* To design and develop a module that will help the alumni update their personal profile, their information and their current job status online to make it accessible even without them spending much time and effort. The developers designed and developed a module that will help the alumni to update their profiles online. This can help them lessen the time in doing this transaction because they can access the system even when they are working. The developers developed a module that allows the user to display their contact information and status.

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