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Online Software Tools

By | December 2010
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Online Software Tools

Listservs: Are a group of users sharing information through electronic mail about a common interest; an email-based message center. Listservs do NOT cost to subscribe, however, some are exclusive to certain groups. For example, a teacher might moderate a listserv for one of his/her classes and this would be set up to include only members of the class.

-A great way that this could be used in the classroom is by adding a subject such as Biology for a high school group, and tell the students that they must at least comment 3 times on the discussion. Blogs: A blog is a Web publishing tool that allows authors to quickly and easily self-publish text, artwork, links to other blogs or Web sites, and a whole array of other content. Blogs are set-up like conventional Web sites, with navigation links, and other standard Web site features. Blogs have one standard characteristic, however: the posting. Blog postings are text entries, similar to a diary or journal, which include a posting date and may include comments by people other than the author, photos, links, or other digital media. Postings are often short and frequently updated. They appear in reverse chronological order and can include archived entries.

-A blog can be used in the classroom for the students or for the parents to stay involved in the class and what is going on. We believe that this would be a great resource to use with parents to keep in contact with the other parents and the teacher. Wiki: These wikis are free and ad-free, and you can make them private for extra security for your students. Classroom wikis also come with a User Creator tool that lets you open student accounts in bulk without student email addresses.

-We believe that a wikis can be used in a high school classroom to create information that the students need into one website, this would limit the research and wasted time that students go through every time they are given the privilege to use the computer.

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