Online Shopping vs Brick and Mortar

Topics: Online shopping, Retailing, Electronic commerce Pages: 4 (1459 words) Published: February 24, 2012
Online Shopping VS Brick and Mortar
Ann Gove
December 10, 2011
Marianne Raley

Online shopping VS Brick and Mortar
Does the idea of shopping in Italy, France, or Japan at 3:00 am in your pajamas while snuggled up on the couch sound like a good idea? Then internet shopping is the way to go. As of the first twenty five days of the November- December 2011 Holiday season internet sales totaled 12.7 billion dollars, that’s an increase of 15% since last year. Online shopping dominates the brick and mortar with convenience, price, and variety that traditional shopping can’t compare to and research shows why. Now some say they like to see and touch the item in the store and although you may have a valid point but after reading my research and the benefits of internet shopping you will change your mind. The subject of convenience became a challenge when I spoke with my boyfriend about the topic of my essay and his opinion was the complete opposite of my point, he feels nothing can replace going to the store and seeing your item and taking it home with you. So I offered him a challenge to do shopping using both methods and then see if his opinion changes and he agreed. His job was to see how much time, money and sanity he was going to save by shopping in the mall or at the stores he had to visit to buy his items on his list and then go online and buy the same items. In his opinion he thinks he will save money and time by going to the actual store and I completely disagree, will see. Here are the results, first he had to get gas, there’s $25 in the hole right out the door, after 8 hours and over 100 miles put on his car and only finding 3 items out of 8 on his list and spent $100 on his items came the end to his brick and mortar approach. Next he logged on to the internet to begin his online shopping experience and I receive a phone call about 2 hours later saying I can’t believe it I found the items that the stores said were out of stock and I got them for...
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