Online Shopping Research

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The research question
“Does the online shopping affect to purchase decision of shoppers who retain visiting and buying clothes from the store or the market in London area?” 3.1 evaluate techniques for use with quantitative data in the research proposal

The quantitative data is sample and objective. The figure is showing in statistic such as the count of frequencies, rate of percentages or another statistic way of actual absence of behaviour. There are a number of approaches to collect quantitative data such as surveys, questionnaires (close-ended questions), clinical test. The quantitative data mostly is used with large sample. It is no need for the participant to put their name on the questionnaires which is help to gain more data than qualitative data collection method that required the personal detail (will be explain more in 3.2) .The data analysis will be display in the bar chart, pie chart, graph or histogram. The researcher can be clearly to understand and compare result in general.

From the research question which is about the behaviour of shopper to make a purchase decision on buying cloth. The quantitative collection that would be the most appropriate to implement in this research should be the close-ended questionnaires because the survey and questionnaires can be complete namelessly, thus it allows to get a lots of data from great number of sample from the sample field either or the internet. The close-ended questionnaires are easy to analyse and compare because it can be done in term of rate of percentages or histogram. However, some of the participant might give the dishonestly responses cause of the biased result. This data collection method provide researcher to cover a wide range of the research question but only in the general view it cannot provide in-depth opinion of participant. The cost to process this data collection is inexpensive unless using conducting the survey via the telephone. It may take moderate of time required depends on...
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