Online Shopping in Pakistan

Topics: Online shopping, Retailing, Electronic commerce Pages: 11 (2761 words) Published: March 14, 2012
Examining online Purchasing Behavior: A case of Pakistan
Dr. Kashif ur Rehman
Professor Iqra University, Islamabad
Ijaz ur Rehman
MS Scholar SZABIST,Islamabad
Muhammad Ashfaq
Ph D Scholar, Iqra University, Islamabad
Sanaullah Ansari
Ph.D Scholar SZABIST, Islamabad
Abstract-The initiation of the Internet brought a new way of advertising and selling the products. Most of the people use internet for purchasing the goods but there still some reasons due to which people hesitate from online buying. The

attitudes of the people towards buying online are different. The purpose of this study is to examine the factors due to
which the consumers feel hesitation from online shopping. For this purpose a questionnaire based survey was conducted and
the questionnaires were circulated among the students of
different universities and general public. 5 point likert scale was used to examine the responses. The responses were
analyzed by means of frequency distribution, mean, and
standard deviation analysis. The results of the analysis showed that most of the people already shop online and prefer to shop online but there are some reasons such as Psychological
Factors, Social Factors Emotional Factors, and Privacy which affect buyer’s attitudes to purchases online. The privacy and security are big problems affecting the behavior of the people to purchase online. Various attitudes of the consumers toward online purchasing are catered in the study which reveals that purchasing online are easy, comfortable and better than

conventional shopping due to a variety of factors. The listed factors subject provides are prices, Convenience, and
recommendation. The study also concludes that security and
privacy are the major factors that hesitates consumers to
purchases products online. The ratio of hesitation towards
online shopping is more, which is mostly due to insecure
payments and transaction of invalid and cyber hacking.
When studying the behavior of online shopping, we
should bear in mind that logistics is one of the main
objectives for online shoppers. Online shoppers are taking
their orders at their home or office, waiting for quick
delivery than offline purchases and timely delivery at a
convenient time. Logistics excellence allows users happy so
that they can save with online shopping malls and do not be
shy. On the contrary, despite the availability of the Web are well designed web pages and powerful Web user can refer
to other Web sites or traditional brick and mortar stores, if delivery is too late or delivered. Ernst & Young (2000)
stated that competitive price, easiness and cost of delivery cause purchasing on internet but due to unavailability of
product review system and fear of credit card hacking are
major concern of consumers. Internet shopping refers to the
buying of goods and services via Internet. The procedure
took five steps akin to those related with conventional
shopping manners (Liang and Lai 2000). In a typical
process of purchasing on the Internet, where potential
customers recognize the need for certain goods or services,
they go to the Internet and the need to find information
related to the Although, instead of investigating for dynamic online shopping system sometimes it’s captivate caliber
customers caveats about products or services accompanied
to the felt desire. Then, appraise alternates and elect the one that best congregates their criteria for convening the
amorous expectation. Comprehensively, the activity is
conducted out, and post-sale supports. An internet bargain
embodiment applies to the psychological state of customers
in terms of shopping online. Consumers hesitate to purchase
entities online and it has many reasons behind this
phenomenon because they perceive that they do not believe
in the process of online shopping for insecurity of...
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