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* Define industry and Product segment

Shopping centers are purpose built complexes which can contain retail shops, restaurant and other eateries, service such banks and leisure facilities such as cinemas and bowling alleys.

The Australia shopping centre industry comprises companies that build, develop and manage shopping centers in Australia. There shopping centre owners derive income from charging tenants, such as retail shop owners, banks and restaurant, rent for the space that they occupy and maintenance for operating the shopping centre. Rent are charged to tenants based on supply and demand.

* Industry Value chain

Purchase the land and building the shopping centre., choose the high traffic and volume location +
Lease out the retail spaces to retailer leasehold or joint-venture or large department store /supermarket chain or restaurant/demand or supply and provide corresponding service to consumer +
Refurbished the site and extend to retail the tenant and attract more customers +
Provide good service and parking to customers and keep innovation way

Property selection-redevelopment-branding and marketing-retail relationship-financing-manage the shopping centre

* Industry life-cycle

The online shopping is at the maturity to shake out of its life cycle

Whether the consumer are online, bricks-and-mortar or a combination of both, Australia shopping centers in 2010 suffered through one of the most difficult years in memory

It’s expected that it will account for 4 per cent of retailing within 5 years and a few years it’s expected that about 12 per cents of all US retailing will be done either online or via mobile device

Impact high growth of internet shopping and shop around for best price globally, a large Australia retail, that is. The global financial crisis forced US business to look for source of revenue outside their normal channels, maybe ship to globally. In some categories, physical store will pretty much disappear. If particular brand is now selling 10 per cent or more of its products online, the brand will, need fewer store. Enter stage-left the collapse of Borders.

* Remote environment and TEMPLES

Factors| Issues impacted industry| Impact|
Technology| - Increased mobile devise--faster broadband internet speed-ensure business expansion in lower cost-save time to go online shipping instead walk into store| ---| Economy| - slowdown in economic growth and decline disposal income- Rises,Sep11 attack in 2001 and global crisis explored in 2008 and impact till now.-still being cautious with their spending| ---| Politics| -different countries has different tax rate, like GST. Oversea internet purchase are currently GST exempt under $1000| -| Legal| ACCC and ruling| Netural|

Environment| * Increase number of buyers to shop online and shop global website * Competitive price in global online shop * -fasting internet| -| Market| * I Phone technology Mobile devise * Buyer like to stay home and shop online * Others are always going to love a wonder around their local shops| -+| Society| -increased migration-Big sale event in Australia more often and act in more innovative way- Others are always going to love a wonder around their local shops and see the physical goods. And entertainment for shopping and watching movie.| +++|

* Five force analysis of the industry
Threat of new entrant: low .there is difficulty maintaining copyright and ownership, a lack of regulation, High cost of and hard access to the distribution and selling channel, like E-Bay

Consideration| Response|
Industry size| Yes- large volume to attract new entrants| Economic of sale| Yes-cost reduction through volume discounts from supplier| Product differentiation| Strong brand name and location|

Intellectual Property| Brand name and quality|
Capital requirement| high cost to entry|
Switching costs| easy|
Access to distribution...
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