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Advantages and Disadvantages of online shopping
Online shopping is a popular concept of buying products on the internet using an internet browser. There are disadvantages and advantages while shopping online. Ill discuss some of them here. Advantages:

Shopping online is very convenient. One can search, select and shop online while sitting on the computer at home , instead of driving out on the roads and looking for his/her desired product. It saves time and money during the searching process. You get ample information on the internet regarding your desired selection. There are certain reviews and articles available to guide you in selecting the lastest and the most updated product of your choice. You are able to make price camparisons instantly and buy your favorite brand, irrespective of the availibility issue. It is easier to find the best discounts and One may also get more discount on mass-shopping. Shopping online is best at places where there are no or less retail outlets. The availibility of internet in remote areas have given this E-business a great boost. Disadvantages:

The major disadvantage of online shopping is regarding fraud and secuirity. The transactions are not face to face and there are chances of deception in getting the payment done and not receiving the delivery. To overcome such issues complete assurance has to be made. The customer should opt for the trustworthy websites. The delivery of our online selected products may sometimes take lomger than we expect. Hence there are time issues. Some times when a wrong product is delivered its returning process may be very husky. It creates even more problems when the outlet of the respective company is not located anywhere near. In online shopping one may also get decieved from the product pictures on the internet. On delivery one may think that this wasn’t likely to be the product as I wished it to be. The shipping costs sometime are also so high that they exceed the product price itself.
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