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In-Store Shopping vs. Online Shopping
Although online shopping may be easier in-store shopping is more promising. Both instore shopping and online shopping have pros and cons but which is more beneficial, and which is the better choice?

Probably something people think about when shopping is if it’s what they wanted. When shopping in a store you can hold your product, try it on and know almost exactly what you will be buying. But when you are shopping online you take a risk of not knowing if you will get what you truly want. Also there is the problem of actually getting what you paid for online. Some online stores are not real and only want to take peoples money with out ever giving them any product.

Something else to take into consideration when shopping is the cost of the product. If you go to a store and buy a product you pay for the gas of getting from one place to another but in some cases then you can look at many stores. When you shop online you can look at any website you like but when you buy a product you have to pay for shipping and handling costs in most cases. The same shirt you may buy online could cost you 3-5 dollars more just from shipping alone rather then buying it in the store.

The last thing to think about when shopping is the convenience. If you shop online you never have to leave the comfort of your own home but you have to wait for your product. If

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you go to the store you get your product right away but you may have to go out of your way to get it.
Shopping is all up to the person and what works best for them. Some people would rather pay more and not have to leave and others wouldn’t. In -store shopping and online shopping are both useful in different ways but they both can also have downs.

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