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Table of contents

Cover Sheet1

Information sheet2


Section B3

1. Online shopping increasingly popular 4

2. Dutch are regular online shoppers 5

3. The Pros and Cons of Online Shopping 6

4. Voordelen van online kopen7

5. Internet draagt flink bij aan economie 8

6. Create an online shop 10

7. Jongeren shoppen online11

Statement, advantages and disadvantages12


List of sources14

Section C15

1. Subsidiary questions16

2. Hypotheses 16

3. Methods 16

section D17

1. Checklist of the criteria for an effective questionnaire18

2. Table of code 20

3. Questionnaire 21

4. Answers subsidiary questions23


Our research topic: Online shopping

Our search question:

What is the consumption pattern from users of online shopping?

Search terms: online shopping, spending online shopping, advantages online shopping

5 publications about online shopping that meet the quality criteria.

1. Online shopping increasingly popular

2. Dutch are regular online shoppers

3. The Pros and Cons of Online Shopping

4. Voordelen van online kopen

5. Internet draagt flink bij aan economie

2. publications about online shopping that do not meet the quality criteria.

6. Create an online shop

7. Jongeren shoppen online

1. Online shopping increasingly popular

Found on: Internet
Search engine:
Search terms: online shopping

Type information source: Database CBS

Slijpen, G(2011). Online shopping increasingly popular. 15 July 2011,

I. Summary of the research

The source is suitable for inclusion as a resource because we have well tested through the points given in part 4!

a. Database CBS
b. Research rationale is that there is a growth and increase in online shopping. c. Research objective is to find out the increase between the age categories. d. There is no Problem definition

e. Data method: they get there information of confidential data but they take the privacy policy very seriously ant they keep is anonymous. f. There is no Problem definition.

II. Relevance

This research is relevant for our research because it shows the increase of the online shopping. So there is definitely advantage in online shopping.

III. Quality of the research

a. Ger Sleijpen
b. Database CBS
c. I. Validity: CBS is responsible for collecting and processing data in order to publish statistics to be used in practice, by policymakers and for scientific research. II. Reliability: The mission of CBS is to publish reliable and coherent statistical information that meets the needs of society. In view of this mission, the quality of the statistical information must be guaranteed. d. The research is Objectivity and independent. You can find it on the website. e. The research is topical because they are the ones who collect all the information they need to make there articles.

IV. Final assessment of source and research

The source is suitable for our research because is reliable and meets the Quality of the research criteria.

Quality: We have chosen this publication for our topic because it relates to our subject, so it is relevant. The article shows the increase of Dutch people using online shopping and shows customer opinion about shopping online. It compares a few years so you can clearly see the increase of online shopping. This article meets the quality criteria because the APA is complete, it is current because they use date from the last few years. Reliable because it from...
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