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Download Services

In computer networks, the term “download” means to receive data (to your local system) from an external, remote system. Examples of such systems include FTP server and e-mail servers. It is implied that the data that is to be downloaded is going to be stored permanently. In many cases, users of download services use tools which are dedicated to the task of downloading, known as download managers. Download managers have various features, including the ability to download on poor connections, the ability to pause and resume downloads, downloading files from a specific site automatically (updates) and the handling of many connections at once in order to make the download faster. A solid example of a download manager is that of Flashgot. In order to transfer files from one user to another, the network (the internet in most cases) uses a protocol known as FTP or file transfer protocol. However, FTP is not designed to be a secure protocol and has many weaknesses. Download services are very popular and are used daily by million. Some of the most popular files that people download include music, film, software and various upgrades.

Downloading Music
In general, downloading music means transferring music from a computer or website on the internet to your local computer. This general term includes the download of both legal and copyrighted material. Some of the most popular online stores where internet users can buy and download music include Napster, eMusic, iTunes Store and many more. The paid, downloaded material from these sides in most cases is encoded Digital Rights Management which restricts the buyer from making copies of that material. Music downloads have changed the way people consider having access to certain music. Because of the increased popularity of the online download of music, many artists allow their songs to be downloaded from their personal website. In order to be able to download and listen to music on your computer, one needs an internet connection, preferably a fast connection and a media file player installed. Although downloading music online has become widely popular, it is not implied that this is positive. It is estimated that more than 60 million people in America download music illegally using peer-to-peer software. Peer to peer software allows users to download material from other connected users called peers. Although the illegal downloading of music may be considered harmless, some argue that it is like stealing from the musicians. Popular peer-to-peer software includes Ares and Limewire. This is how most peer to peer software looks while downloading music.

Advantages of downloading/acquiring music from the internet: * Incredibly convenient, anyone with an internet connection is able to download music within minutes or even seconds. * Search facilities offered by some download services make it much easier to search and find what you are looking for. * Downloading music online means you don’t need to buy the whole album, you can just buy those 1 or 2 songs that you really like from that album.

Disadvantages of downloading/acquiring music from the internet: * Although downloading music online is easy, you are not always sure that the music is free from viruses. Using anti-virus software would aid a user with this. * Sometimes the music does not have the quality expected. * Sometimes there is tremendous traffic in downloading popular music. * Acquiring music from the internet means the user does not have a physical copy of the album/music material which is very important for some music lovers.

Downloading Films Online
Because of the introduction of online download services, users are able to download and watch their favorite films on their computers. The downloading of films is increasingly popular amongst all ages in 2011; it is much more convenient to download films using your computer...
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