Online School Business Plan

Topics: Distance education, E-learning, Education in the People's Republic of China Pages: 10 (2664 words) Published: July 27, 2011
Institute of American-Sino Culture

5620 Wilbur Ave., #214
Tarzana, CA 91356
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Table of Contents

Executive Summary4
Business Description and Vision5
Definition of the Market6
Description of the Products and Services7
Organization and Management8
Marketing and Sales Strategy9
Financial Management10

Executive Summary

Business Description and Vision

Institute of American-Sino Culture (IASC) was formed to offer a simple and convenient solution for American individuals to study directly through East China Normal University in Shanghai, China. IASC provides an online distance learning program for Chinese and American people to learn about Chinese business, culture, government, as well as other subjects from experienced native speakers and experts.

There are many misunderstandings and conflicts across the Pacific Ocean between China and the U.S.. Many of them are caused by poor communication skills and false information. IASC believes through our contribution to persons from both countries, an improved American-Sino relationship can be created and will be exceedingly beneficial to the individuals. Our website name "Bagoll" is from the Chinese translation of "Ba Ge", which means Mynah bird in English. Mynah birds like to "communicate". The purpose of IASC is to facilitate communication between two countries and ultimately connect the United States and China through our multi-service channels. Eventually, we desire to use our services channels to benefit individuals and groups who have utilized our services. Our teams in both China and the U.S. focus on creating long term value for our customers by provide supreme guidance on the education services we offer. You will benefit from accessing the right experts to obtain the ability to speak and understand mandarin Chinese effectively! Our core strengths are the quality of our instructors who are excellent in helping foreigners to learn Chinese, and the overall trip plan to study in China. Through us, you will obtain the right skills, knowledge and solutions for your future venture.

Definition of the Market
Definition of the MarketThis section should: * Describe your business industry and outlook. * Define the critical needs of your perceived or existing market. * Identify your target market. * Provide a general profile of your targeted clients. * Describe what share of the market you currently have and/or anticipate.After reviewing this section the reader should know: * Basic information about the industry you operate in and the customer needs you are fulfilling. * The scope and share of your business market, as well as who your target customers are.

The business industry of online learning has grown considerably and shows no signs of slowing down. The institute of sino-america wishes to create a new niche of international online learning through the successful and reputable Chinese University East Normal China University.

Chinese Economy
China is now the world’s second largest economy after the United States. With an average growth of 10% for the past 30 years, it is the world’s fastest-growing major economy. China is also the largest exporter and second largest importer of goods in the world. In 2010, China surpassed $100 billion in forteing direct investment for the first time, and investment overseas by Chinese companies in non-financial sectors totaled $59 billion. China December FDI Growth Eases; 2010 FDI Passes $100 Bln Mark

As its role in world trade has steadily grown, its importance to the international economy has also increased apace. China's foreign trade has grown faster than its GDP for the past 25 years. Chen, Baizhu; Yi Feng (Spring 2000). "Determinants of economic growth in China: Private enterprise, education, and openness". China Economic Review (Elsevier Science)...
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