Online Sales Promotion

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Online Sales Promotion

By | November 2010
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The term Sales Promotion broadly refers to all those promotional activities which are undertaken to stimulate interest, trial or purchase of a product by the end user or other intermediaries in between. Besides advertising and personal selling, all other activities undertaken to promote a product can be classified under sales promotion! | |According to the Institute of Sales Promotion, "Sales Promotion comprises that range of techniques used to attain sales or marketing objectives in a cost effective manner by adding value to a product or service either to intermediaries or end users, normally but not exclusively within a defined time period." Almost every Company uses Sales Promotion techniques at some stage of the product life cycle since sales promotion techniques provide a strong incentive to BUY! Generally, there are 3 modes of Sales Promotion -

• Consumer oriented
• Sales force oriented
• Retailer oriented

Advantages of Sales Promotion - Importance to Consumers

|Increased Buying Confidence - Distribution of free samples is probably the fastest and best way through which manufacturers can | |push consumers to try a product. Once satisfied with the quality of the sample product, consumers become more confident about | |buying a new product. | |Reduced Rates - During promotional campaigns, companies offer their products at discounted rates. Consumers like to make use of | |such occasions to buy larger quantities of such products. |

Advantages for Producers and Manufacturers

• Entering New Markets - Sales Promotion campaigns enable manufacturers to capture new markets. • Controlled Expenses & Measurable Results - Producers have direct control over sales promotion campaigns and this enable them to make sure that there are no undue wastages in the...

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