Online Sales and Inventory System for de Oro Therapeutic Center

Topics: Software testing, Branch, Inventory Pages: 9 (2827 words) Published: April 29, 2013
Online Sales and Inventory System
For De Oro Therapeutic Center

A Project Proposal
Presented to
College of Science
De La Salle University – Dasmariñas

In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the
Degree of Bachelor of Science in
Information Technology

Andres, Meljoyce G.
Baldoza Jr., Arlito T.
Mendoza, Rizza M.

July 2010

1. Background of the Study
In the modern world, online can be defined as the accessibility of an entity via a computer or being connected to a computer network. It is the capacity to reach out to other entities that may be geographically apart, or having the connection in one thread, which is, the World Wide Web. Almost anything nowadays can be found online—private personalities, celebrities, business companies, organizations, government agencies, media groups, and almost everything else. Because of the wide scope and demand of having an online presence, companies are using the online world to reach out to more clients. This includes processes of inquiry about the company, negotiations among sales and customs, and product inventory. Among others, sales and inventory are two of the most important aspects in a business firm, especially those who deals with vast number of diverse clients. Stores of different nature are usually the ones who usually take full usage of these business strategies. However, the process of sales and inventory in the Philippines nowadays are not as inclined as that of other leading countries. Many technological advances are already introduced in the Western countries in response to the arising demand of selling, but only those high-end companies here in the Philippines use the said advancements. This problem among stores arises as the demand for better selling facilities grow. Companies of such nature need a quality system that could offer customers an opportunity to inquire for a product, buy, and pay their bills even miles away from the company. The need for a more advanced system arise competition among companies. This somehow encourages firms to further improve their current system and get away from the traditional way of selling and inventory. Because of this, the use of internet and web applications to improve the sales and inventory system surfaced. De Oro Therapeutic Center is just one of the many who practices traditional way of recording their sales and inventory. De Oro was founded on March 2004 by Manuel Ayson Roa. It started when Mr. Roa got an idea of product networking from a Chinese friend on 2002. Their very first products were medicinal soaps, because that was the time when traditional herbal products hit the market. After two years of product networking, their products grew from soaps to herbal teas, natural cosmetics, and personal care products like lotions and the like. From then, he noticed that their products were very marketable, and many people were constantly buying their products. This brought up the idea of making a store for all the products. Today, after six short years, De Oro has surprisingly grew to 64 branches nationwide, most of which are situated in malls and commercial places. Their main and biggest branch is located in Sta. Cruz, Manila. De Oro sells a variety of merchandise from food supplements, health care, personal goods, cosmetics and adult products. Under food supplements are capsules, coffee, tea, syrup, and wine; under health care, ointment, napkin, feminine wash, health oil, and plasters; under personal goods, hair spa, shampoo, bath salt, soap, lotion; under cosmetics, facial cream, lip balm, sun block, toner, powder; under adult products, condom, contraceptive pills, sex cream, viagra, aphrodisiacs. All products that are sold in each branch are coming from a common warehouse located at their main branch. Each branch has one designated branch manager which handles the transactions from their respective...
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