Online Reservation System

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  • Published : May 3, 2012
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I.Problem Description
Paliza Party Shop carried out their reservation transaction manually, using various documents to record and proces customer information and transaction. The business is running good, but problem such as human errors are still unavoidable. It is nor enough to get information. If they want to become successful and maintain a presence in the market, the company must be able to properly process and analyze the informatio they receive. A business must have no rooms for inaccurary and miscalculations during its operations.

Paliza Party Shop is in the party host business for 21 years; still the company uses documents in getting booking information from the customers, which is somewhat prone to human errors. Records are just kept in ledgers, in which there is possibility that these documents are just kept in cabinets and may be accessed by other employees and the outside party. The security and integrity of this information is at risk.

Paliza Party Shop has an existing facebook page that is solely for the advertisement of the business’ seervices only. The customers can only view the service packages the company offers, no reservation transaction can be done in their facebook page. Moreover, the wevsite doesn’t have enough infornmation aboout their services and the procedures to be done in booking events. The customers are stil need to visit or call any of the company’sbrances just to book events.

II.Anticipated Business Benefits
This system can drastically help the party host companies to carry out good Services to offer to their clients. This is because the computer offers faster and more precise processing. Outline booking and computerized billing are created by some programmers and system developers to assist the establishment provide good services, thus, establish good customer relationship. This kind of system enables the part host companies to use, create, access, retrieve and transmit information. It can increase reservation...
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