Online Reservation Current State of Technology

Topics: Internet, Wi-Fi, HotSpot Pages: 2 (250 words) Published: February 6, 2011

• Affordability - To be able to give all guests a great value for money guaranteeing to provide impeccable service, facilities and amenities.

• Satisfaction - To make our guest’s enjoyed their stay with memorable experiences, immeasurable satisfaction and considers Have Pension Hauz their home away from home.

• Security - To be able to ensure the most reliable security system and safety of all guests and their belongings.

• Service -To create a standard of service in the pension house industry by offering customized, personalized and friendly service to all our guests comparable to a hotel.


The Have Pension House will be known as the first to offer Wi-Fi Hotspot service and accommodation at affordable rates.


1. Uses of Internet in the organization?
- Wi-Fi hot spot
2. Advantages of using the Internet?
- For free connections to the costumers.
3. Problem with current business style?
- Small parking area
- Cannot accommodate a family more than five member’s.
4. As the proponents, what do you think are the concrete things that would help resolve the Problem’s of the organization in the terms of:
• Security / Privacy
• Fakes / Forgers
• Other threats
• Stress

- We need to add more security guard in our business, because we only have one guard in our pension house. Collect information of our clients to secure our business. Extend the parking space so that the costumers can easily part their vehicle. Need to add more rooms or extend the building to third floor / forth floor.
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