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Online Reservation for Divine Grace Suites

Computer technology is in fact at its peak. Almost everything functions through the World Wide Web and Internet, from search engines, to personal sites, to social networking sites, and most especially, to business advertisements. Some businesses using manual strategies such as producing flyers and personal communication are left behind. Customers always look for innovative technologies which could make business transactions more convenient. Today, corporate websites are just around every WWW’s corner. These are capable of monitoring and increasing the productivity of a certain business, thereby giving competitive advantages. But as of present, it’s not enough to use static websites as advertisements which offers prospective customers the ability to browse only for information they need. This business strategy has only small advantage over manual strategies of advertising. This is why online reservation systems came into being.

Online reservation systems make customers’ lives easier. Industries such as travel and tourism, hotels, and food use online reservation systems. With travel and hotels, The many benefits of this system for the travelers are easily recognized and include the improved guest services from the initial online contact, the immediacy of the reservation process, the ability to view, select and book their choice of rooms, the instant confirmation at any hour of the day or night every day of the year and their personal information does not go through a third party. The hotel also benefits from this system because it requires less personnel involvement, increases direct sales and instant purchases and improves customer satisfaction. This system also manages guest billing, room analysis, revenue analysis as well as distributing last minute rates to the Internet, travel agents and corporate clients (, June 2010).

The proponents came up with this study because not-so-large businesses, particularly apartments/dormitories, do not have technology to handle an online reservation system. Some only use tarpaulins as a form of advertisement which are placed in front of their buildings. That is why people who pass by the area are the only ones who have knowledge about it. To expand the promotion and maximize the advantages of technology, this proposed system can be accessed in the website anytime, anywhere. This could attract more customers especially those who are searching for dormitories online. The proposed system could help the customer to minimize their effort and time since they won’t have to inquire personally. The customers will be able to choose and reserve their preferred units.

Background of the Study
Preparing a system plan required the proponents to search for a prospective client and conduct a preliminary investigation. This phase has already become a tough task because of rejections from various dormitories. Oftentimes, the person whom the proponents could interview is not in his/her dormitory and setting an appointment with him/her seemed to be a trial-and-error idea. On one hand, other dormitories already have their own websites, which proves that the competition among these dormitories is really tight. After some days of searching, the proponents were able to convince Divine Grace Suites to be their client.

Divine Grace Suites is a dormitory situated in 1175 P. Noval St., Sampaloc, Manila. In 2005, Ms. Maria Carmen Ramos, the proprietor, opened the dorm’s services for bed spacers. It is composed of 45 rooms, each having its own comfort room, cabinets, and double-deck bedframes. Some rooms are air-conditioned. Since students and reviewees are mostly the residents, a study area can be sited in the dorm’s lobby. Prices range from Php 3000.00 up to Php 18,000.00, excluding the electricity and water bill. With regard to promotional strategies, a tarpaulin is...
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