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2.1 Problem Statement
General problem
* How to design and develop a Computerized Billing With Online Reservation for Villa Diaz Resort that will help systematize reservation thru online reservation, generating computerized billing, managing records, and generating of report? The Villa Diaz Resort Corporation is operating thru accommodating customers by requiring them a full payment on the required amount , they are considered a reserve customer/s. In preparation of billing statement, they accept payments using bank to bank payment , if the customer request a reservation thru phone call. A manual payment may be accommodated to walk-in customer/s. Managing records are accurate and orderly filling of records of customer/s personal information by encoding data and easy retrieval of records and can easily identify the customer’s status if he/she is a regular customer or not. Generation of reports will give information, status of operation of their services and references to determine and monitors financial standing of the business by generating a reports at any given time. ( daily, weekly, monthly and annual reports) Specific Problems

* How to design and develop a module that reservation will handle the first come first serve? The Villa Diaz are currently using a manual reservation and having difficulty in determining the first come first serve basis. A customer/s will make a reservation of a venue thru phone call reservation and no payment has been made and a customer/s who avail the same reservation thru walk-in and pay on time. * How to develop and design a module that will automatically compute the bill? The Villa Diaz Resort compute the total assessments of the customer manually using a calculator device to come up the total bills for payment by the customer/s. At the end of the day all the transactions were written on the logbook and will prepare a summary report for the day. * How to design and develop a module that will easily manage the records? The Villa Diaz Resort is currently using a logbook in their current system. They do not have any software to use in keeping records of the customer’s information. The management is having difficulties in retrieving data due to disorganized filling of records. They are having a hard time in keeping their records and retrieving due to lack of space in their areas.

* How to design and develop a webpage to promote the Villa Diaz Resort? The Villa Diaz Resort has small chance to have more costumers coming from other places because of incomplete materials to make a marketing strategies in advertising / promoting the said place. * How to design and develop a module that will generate accurate reports? The resort is currently using logbook in recording their daily transactions . And it is time consuming and their personnel are having difficulty in preparing their summary manually by transferring the data from one logbook to another logbook. 2.2Proposed Research Project

2.2.1 General Objectives
* To design and develop a Computerized Billing System with Online Reservation For Villa Diaz Resort that will help their reservation, billing, managing records, and generating of report systematized. The Analyst will recommend the Villa Diaz Resort an easy way to use Computerized Billing System with Online Reservation , to ease the process by having a Pre Reserve to the customer a time to pay their reservation fee by using a first come first serve method. In generating billing statement, the analysts will design a system to generate an accurate billing statement and on-line payment using bank to bank payment for their reservation fee for the convenient of their customers. The company will notify the customer/s as soon as payment was already confirmed to the bank. Managing the records in easy way of recording and retrieving the data of a needed information and to generates reports at any given time (daily, weekly,...
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