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Travel and tourism is one of the world’s biggest industry and creator of jobs across national and regional economies. Since tourism is a service sector, the tourism agencies are concerned about providing their customers with the best facilities. They need to carry out their duties and track their services with the help of such application software that provides adequate and up to date information in order to keep up with the progress.

The agency provides the customers the opportunity to search for a hotel, a tour, or a means of transport. This should provide a good user interface that takes different such criteria into consideration so that the customer can find exactly what he is looking for.

The system is completely web based and uses the powerful database management system concepts so that large amount of data input from the customers and employees can be stored, processed and retrieved whenever required. This system can be accessed by the employees of the agency as well as the online customers, who want to make tour reservation via the website. There will be two sites for this project. First is for the customers, customers can view information about all tour, hotels and flights but they can only make reservation for all these tours, hotels and flights that they want.

The customers and workers can see and check their personal information via this system. They can add, change and delete personal information while logged into the system. The information about a worker can only be seen by its owner whereas the information about a customer can only be seen by its owner or the worker who serves this customer.


Through this acknowledgement I express my sincere gratitude towards all those people who helped me in this project, which has been a learning experience.

I appreciate the co-ordination extended by my friends and also express my sincere thankfulness to the entire faculty members of Indian Institute of Planning & Management, Delhi, giving me the opportunity to do this project and also assisting me for the same.

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For some the thought of booking a hotel in another country especially if they haven’t visited there before can be very daunting as you have no idea what to expect or weather the choice you make will be the right one. Using a good internet site to book your Indian hotel reservation from is a must as spending weeks sifting through all of the other sites will give you nothing more than a bad headache. You need to find a site that has an amazing reputation that has been awarded recognition for their accomplishments, a site that is run by a company that can offer you customer service support any time of the day or night should you need it, a company makemytrip. In India there are hundreds of different hotels that cater for business and personal trips and no one knows the hotel industry there like their own.

Websites like http://www. has given the world full access to the true India. Because they have such exclusive access to the hotel trade there they are able to pass all of their knowledge onto you making your Indian hotel reservation booking easier and up to the minuet correct at the time of publishing. Any changes are made instantly so that visitors do not end up booing things that are already sold out or...
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