Online Patient Information System

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1. 1

The proposed software project was derived from the difficulties being faced by the patients while going for the check-up and tests to the hospital or medical centers despite of their medical conditions. To make their life easier, they can check their updated medical status and billing accounts through the internet. Departments will also update the status of each patient’s.

1.1 Purpose, Scope and Objectives

1.2.1 Purpose

This project allows doctor to access their patient’s information easily through their local area network and through the internet. They can also update the status of each patient through their accounts and the relatives will be updated to the status of each patient. Even the family outside the country can be able to view the status of the patient and also the patient’s billing accounts. The proposed system concentrates to the patient information of each patient where in they can view their status through the internet.

1.1.2 Scope
* Online viewing of Patient’s account
* Provide fast and accurate billing statement
* The system will also have a security password for the security of the data’s being entered. * The system will automatically saves updated record through the patient’s account profile * Will consists of Different Databases (patient’s information, billing accounts, laboratory results, doctor’s profile, medical records) * Assessment form: The Assessment Area will compute all of the charges of the patient and also the updated Patient Information for new and old patients. * The Assessment area will have a Database for the records of each Patient’s Information and summary of all reports. * Administrator form will grant the Administrator all the rights to: Change passwords, edit and Update Record of Patient’s. * Homepage: Log-in, Log-out, Attempts, Add, and Edit.


* Will not cover any other transactions under accounting
* The system will not cover the payments of the patients.

1.1.4 Objectives

The objective of this project was mainly intended for the doctors/ physicians, who can visit, update the patients’ with their devices and record their medical status with the use of Online Patient Information System. This project will be an extension to the hand-held device, which can communicate with the central system to record the data being captured at remote locations. Some of the major functions to be covered were:

Specific Objectives

* To Create a Website for the hospital that will update the patient’s in their medical status. * To be able to provide a security to prevent unauthorized access to the system. * To be able to have a database that will verify patient’s account. * To develop a system that will connect different departments of the hospital for patient’s information.

1.1 Assumptions and Constraint

1.2.1 Assumptions
* The front desk personnel and the Administrator as well are well trained before using the proposed system. * Improved capabilities of the front desk personnel upon using the proposed system. * Lessen the manpower of the front desk personnel for a more controlled budget plan.


* New software system that will improve operations and accommodate more patients and a systematic way to have functional hospital process.

1.2.2 Constraints
* Proposed development and implementation costs must remain within a specified budget. Technology
* New equipment must be compatible with existing equipment.

1.2.3 Risks

The following are the risks that the proponents may encounter: Personnel
* Lack of Knowledge and Interest upon using the system.

* Computer hardware failure, software errors.
* System Capacity Limit: Database crash: If a script gets interrupted or crash for some reason during this process database...
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