Online Ordering System

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Fash Vogue Boutique was established in April 16, 2011 by Cheriel Villanueva who is very fascinated about fashion and decided to spread the news about her fascination to her friends and relatives. She started the business by selling ladies’ apparel and shoes to them through social networks and Multiply website. At this time, Fash Vogue Boutique is known as one of the most reliable online suppliers for fashion apparel such as clothing, bags, shoes, and accessories. Boutique has acquired several of buyers and resellers.

Fash Vogue Boutique’s ordering system is managed manually. Because of this many problems are encountered in the application of the business. It takes a lot of time for the customer to order their items and much effort to the owner to grab her customer’s orders by writing down the data on a ledger. Through social networks like Facebook and Multiply the customers can take their orders by sending the owner a private message, e-mail or thru voice communication.

The boutique’s current ordering system has the following limitations:

1. The current ordering system has limited viewers only.
2. There is no appropriate process of ordering items.
3. Viewing the item product’s images is not properly detailed and organized. 4. Unrestricted copying of the pictures.
5. Has limited information about the online shop.
6. No exact method of payment.
7. Inaccurate number customers.


The proposed study sought to develop an online ordering system of products that would control all customer information and records electronically using WAMP and PHP.


• To create a website that can manipulate the ordering system easily and serves as marketing tool for the company to evident its exposure to perspective clients.

• To have a 24/7 viewing and ordering of products.

• To provide faster ordering process, answering questions or attending to customer requests as quickly as possible.

• To allow the customer to register so they can order items as many as they want.

• To offer viewing all the latest fashion trends.

• To produce accurate report for the store in a convenient way.

• To create a database of the store’s products this can be used for future reference.


The system will help the owner of the business to easily update and check the list of ordered products to be delivered, to improve marketing strategy, selling and promotion of products. The system will help the customers to buy products without any time pressure. It offers more choices and thus, is more convenient. At this online boutique, the customer can look at a product and surf through the reviews of other users before making a decision. They are probable to feel more satisfied with the system because of the extended accessibility and faster processing of their inquiries and orders.


The proposed online ordering system was developed and designed for Fash Vogue Boutique, because the system will help the users to make their work appropriate and faster. The study will cover the order transaction of the customer. The system databases also include customers, product and transaction. The statement of the account will be given to the customer after the orders of the customer is approved. The systems also include the printout reports of every transaction, which will serve as a hard copy of information.

The functions of the program are limited due to the following:

• Only registered members can order.
• Only the webmaster has full control of data which are manually updated.

• It runs only on internet connection.
• Each of the members...
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