Online Ordering System

E-commerce, Quantitative research, Innovation

Reyes conducted on assessment of the effectiveness of computers in selected organizations in Metro Manila. This study found out that the early approach to computer was for data processing of high volume which have an expanded to computer as planning and decision support levels of managements. the study also that at least level 3 computer literacy af tained by must of today’s computer softwares has been generated. Thus internet has increased in developing computerized information over the years.

Quieta studied a comparison of the use of electronic commerce and of traditional business process in selected business establishments in Makati City. Based on the finding of this study, the following recommendations were offered: (1) Traditional business process will still be used in the first part of third millennium by the business industries as their back-up/ support in inevitable circumstances such as computer log-down. (2) consumers are secure and are still afraid to take the risk of paying their bills using their account number and credit card through electronic commerce payment system. (3) Electronic commerce concept in the Philippines has barely grazed the business environment. (4) Electronic commerce is expected to glow in the millennium.

This study explored the relationship between owner/ manager factors, organizational factors, market structure, technological factors and awareness of government efforts to promote electronic commerce and electronic commerce adoption levels. The adoption level range from using the internet to communication (level 1), using the internet to communicate and setting up a static website (level 2), using an interactive website and accepting orders online (level 3) and doing the complete business transaction online (level 4). Seventy-eight exporting firms in the National Capital Region NCR completed the survey questionnaire either at their offices or during the trade fair at the World Trade Center. Statistical...
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