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Background of the Project
Nowadays, Information Technology is continuously evolving and it’s getting more advanced. Technological evolution and advancement makes the world become more highly modernized as different creations, innovations and inventions are made. Adapting these technological advances, contributes a lot of benefits in different fields and one of those fields is the business particularly the hospitals. Hospital is an institution which provides care to people who has illnesses. It plays a vital role in the community where people run to it whenever they have health problems. Hospitals promote improvement of community health service by providing high quality health care services and help those people who need good and effective service. Different hospitals in the world aims at giving the best medical services that they need to satisfy their clientele and through the use of technology they are able to make it possible. In Tanzania, the Health Management Information System was set up in 2006 to be use in hospitals of the Evangelica Lutheran Church Tanzania (ELCT). By using the Health Management Information System software, hospitals can easily collect, store and analyze the data of patients. (IICD. (2010, June 29). Development of Management System for Health facility – Tanzania. Retrieved February 8, 2011, from In Cotabato, the provincial health officer Dr. Edgardo R. Sandig introduced a computerized Hospital Operation Management Information System, to monitor the outbreak of disease in a certain area in the province and those people who are admitted in the hospital will be given immediate attention and solution. (dela Cruz, E, B. ( 2006, October 6). South Cotabato IPHO intensifies campaign on dengue. Philippine Information Agency. Retrieved February 8,2011, from &date=)

In Davao City, the Southern Philippines Medical Center (formerly Davao Medical Center) is now using the Segworks Hospital Management System. The said system was developed because the healthcare industry has the largest possible focus in the society today, and it is a growing industry not only to those who are sick but also to the healthy ones who are on their well-being. (Porio, K. (2010, September 20). Re: Change is FOSSible! : Software Freedom Day in Davao. [The Blog].Message posted to

Hospital Management Systems is indeed a great help in processing daily hospital operations. However, not all hospitals use management system. Other hospitals are still processing some operations manually just like the Carmen District Hospital. The Carmen District Hospital is the only primary government owned hospital located in the II District of Davao del Norte. Through the help of Gov. Rodolfo P. del Rosario and the Congressmen of District II of the undivided province of Davao del Norte a conceptualized hospital was put up in the Municipality of Carmen.

Carmen District Hospital caters the hospital needs of 84 barangays distributed as follows: 20 barangays of Carmen, 41 barangays of Panabo, 18 barangays of Sto. Tomas and 5 barangays of Braulio E. Dujali. A total of 290,361 population being served by the hospital base on the 1998 National Statistics Office (NSO) report. The following statistical report shows that Carmen has 55, 707 constituents, Panabo 121, 472, Sto Tomas 86,544 and B.E. Dujali 26,638. With this large amount of population, rendering fast services and proper accommodation must be given by the hospital to meet the clients demand. Currently, the Carmen District Hospital is using their existing computerized system which was created three years ago using Visual Basic programming language, but it is not fully functional and it was not completed.

During the assessment of the existing...
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