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This Thesis Entitled
Online Ordering System for PC Manila

In Partial Fulfilment
Of the Requirements for the Degree of
Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

By :
Corbita, Kenneth S.
Bijasa, Yurie Ann V.
Santos, Mary Joy G.
Guillermo, Rommel T.

Mr. Willy R. Ocampo
Thesis Adviser

1.0 Introduction
1.1 Background of the Problem
In the business world today, industries face many challenges such as breaking through competition and satisfying customers. They need a viable market where they could sell their products and services, and at the same time, take proper actions to keep the market’s patronage and avoid losses. As the times change, success in any venture requires change as well. With the advent of new technology, the internet can be an effective tool to start and expand any entrepreneurial endeavour. We are now living in a fast-paced world and consumers are trying to find more convenient ways to shop for things they need. The days of standing in long queues are waning. Looking from the perspective of a consumer, purchases should be made without exerting too much effort or wasting too much precious time. However, swiftness should not jeopardize the quality of the products and services offered. Substandard goods and services, no matter how swiftly purchased, will never provide satisfaction to consumers who expect only the best for their hard-earned money. Consequently, customer discontent will be the downfall of any business. PC Manila is a computer parts shop located in SM North EDSA, Quezon City. It has an average of three (3) regular customers per day, and one hundred (100) computer spare parts to be sold and monitored. The owners want to publicize their store with the objective of gaining more customers. Creating a website will be advantageous for the store. The internet is a heavily populated space, and with millions of internet-users every day, PC Manila can eye a bigger market. Customers benefit from online stores as well. Instead of going out and visiting actual shops, they can now make orders without leaving the comfort of their homes or offices. This means consumers do not have to spend time walking or driving to the place, saving them money, gas, and time. All they have to do is visit the website, browse through the products, and choose the ones they want to order – all these consumer power right at their fingertips.

1.2.1 Project Rationale
Online ordering is one of the best methods to make a business better known and, in the process, be in demand. This is a practical means for consumers with busy schedules because they can easily buy products they desire at a minimum amount of time. It is also a more controllable mode of inventory and store management. Also, the popularity of e-stores and online ordering are acting as catalyst in the further development of the technology (i.e. web designing, probable software advancement).

1.2 Statement of the Problem
Major Statement of the Problem
* How will the proponents develop an online store system for PC Manila that will make ordering, and selling their products (computer parts) easier for the customers by means of a website. Minor Statement of the Problem

* How will the proponents create user-friendly instructions for the customers.
Some websites does not have a friendly appearance and interface; they display confusing instructions and guidelines for the customers. To make it easier for the buyer, the website will provide the item’s description and price.

* How will the proponents build a secure and effective system for the website.
Some website systems can be easily cracked or hacked by any unauthorized individual. Their system is not effective and strong enough to support the store’s information.

* How will the proponents give customers access to the website.
Some websites cannot be accessed because there is no proper device being used. Without a proper device, the customers...
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