Online or Traditional Shopping Method?

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Online or Traditional Shopping Method?
Which one do UNA students prefer?

The purpose of this study is to analyze the traditional shopping method and the online shopping method to conclude which one UNA students prefer. We will also analyze the different factors influencing both methods.


Name: Christopher Benett
ProgressID: 1053442
Major: Internet-Based Information Systems
Course: Research Writing and Presentation
Lecturer: Monique M.B. Emelina-Pieter MBA
Date: 30 April, 2010

Table of Contents
Importance of Study4
Purpose of Study4
University of the Netherlands Antilles5
The Faculty of Law (JF)5
The Faculty of Engineering (TF)5
The Faculty of Social Sciences and Economics (SEF)6
The Faculty of Arts (Arts)6
The Faculty of Social and Behavioral Sciences (BSW)6
Setup of Report7
Literature Review8
Problem Statements and Sub Problems9
Shopping Method Preference12
Characteristics of the respondents12
Inferential Statistics13
Appendix I19
Appendix II20
Appendix III23


Shopping is something we do on daily basis. In general there are two ways of shopping, online shopping and the traditional shopping. Modahl study shows that the internet is transforming the economy (Modahl, 1999). E-Commerce is experiencing a rapid growth since the early years (Alam, Bakar, Ismail, & Ahsan, 2008). According to the authors of Young Consumers Online Shopping, AC Nielsen said that there are a lot of people using the internet to shop, more than 627 million of people have shopped online (Alam, Bakar, Ismail, & Ahsan, 2008). The factors that drive consumers to shop on the internet are still unknown to us (Benedict, de Ruyter, Toñita, & Toñita, 2004). In this study we will analyze why people: * Shop online

* Sitting at your computer without leaving your home and browse through various online stores to buy what you need (Nutt, 2009). * Shop the traditional way
* Take a ride in your car to your favorite shopping mall and buy what you want or need (Nutt, 2009). Importance of Study

This study is important because we will analyze which factors are influencing the factors that drive consumers to shop online or keep shopping the normal way. The results can be used by managers that operate in the traditional shopping method environment. It can help them to avoid future financial losses and customer erosion. It can also be used for researches to understand the factors leading to leave the traditional shopping method (Rajamma, Paswan, & Hossain, 2009). Purpose of Study

The purpose of this study is to collect and analyze information about the UNA students’ shopping behavior and the factors driving them to such behavior. After we get the results, we can conclude which shopping method the students prefer; Traditional shopping method or the online shopping method.

University of the Netherlands Antilles
In this section you will find background information about the organization that the study will be taking place at. The organization that the research will be taking place is the University of The Netherlands Antilles (UNA). UNA was founded on January 12, 1979. Currently UNA has five faculties: * The Faculty of Law (JF)

* The Faculty of Engineering (TF)
* The Faculty of Social Sciences and Economics (SEF)
* The Faculty of Arts (Arts)
* The Faculty of Social Behavioral Sciences (BSW)
The Faculty of Law (JF)

The Antillean Law is lectured at the Faculty of Law. When a Law student graduates from the Faculty of Law, they will be an all-around jurist. This means that the aspiring jurist can work in many areas. Graduating with a Bachelor of Law and/or Master of Law will enable the jurist to answer the most diverse...
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