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Online Marketing Presentation

Executive Summary3


Research Findings4

Advantages of Online Marketing5

Disadvantages of Online Marketing6

Potential Impact of Sales7

Requirements for a Successful Online Campaign7


Executive Summary

This presentation is designed to give your company the information necessary to make the step into online (internet marketing). You currently have a bricks and mortar location in Louisville, KY and are limited to the amount of customer traffic that walks through your showroom. This presentation will touch on the following key points:

• Advantages of online marketing.

• Disadvantages of online marketing.

• The potential impact of sales to your company.

• The requirements of a successful online campaign.

Advantages of Online Marketing

The advantage of online marketing for your company is that it exists and is easily obtainable for a relatively small price. We are working in an era of marketing that allows companies such as yours a secondary (or primary) way to sell products to the masses. Features and benefits include low start up, wider audience, 24/7 business model, lower inventory overhead, labor reduction.

Disadvantages of Online Marketing

This presentation also explores the opportunities (or disadvantages) of online marketing. Some of the opportunities include competition for the “one click” (search engine) business, the financial cost of building an adequate website or multimedia superstore, defining your business and making decisions that will affect the company’s future, as well earning the trust of consumers online where identity theft and scams are prevalent.

Potential Impact of Online Sales to Your Company

How would you like to take your customer base from 300 thousand to 300 million in one click? This is the potential and it is within reason to say that with the proper marketing you will increase sales and awareness of your product, eliminate out of stock issues, get a 24/7 audience, and increase your bottom line.

Requirements for a Successful Marketing Campaign

Determining your company’s goals and future outcome will be required to present a successful campaign. The size of your goals will directly relate to the startup cost for online marketing. There are few restrictions for your company to take your product to the masses online, and you will find the normal commerce regulations to be similar to what you currently adhere to.


The sales and marketing industry has invented and reinvented itself over the past fifty years. We have seen the transformation of money spent on print ads move to radio, and then to television throughout this time. Television ads eventually moved into interactive online ads and websites to not only promote products, but to allow customers to buy that product. Although all of the means of advertising listed above are used present day, your company needs to find the right bucket to put their marketing dollars to the best use.

Your company, Fitness Abdominal Rollers Inc., has only one location in Louisville, KY. You have thirty employees, not including the senior management staff of four. You keep a large inventory of product that comes from a distribution warehouse in New York. Your sales in the local community are up 5% over last year and you sell to both fitness professionals and the general public.

Our company, IPost LLC. is a marketing company specializing in guiding business’s from a standalone building in Anywhere, American, to a dominant presence on the World Wide Web. We build 24/7 virtual showrooms for your products and services and hold your hand through the entire process. We will help you capitalize on the advantages of online marketing, and work through the disadvantages. Our presentation also includes the potential impact of...
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