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  • Published : March 2, 2012
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Dissertation Report

Submitted to

University of Wales Institute Cardiff
In the partial fulfilment of the requirements of the degree of Bachelors of Arts in Business Studies

What factors affect the Customers’ Buying Attitudes towards Handheld Electronics Devices (Cell Phones, iPod, Cameras and MP3 Players) in UK?


Uzair Ifrahim

Statement of Authenticity
Apart from any work in quotes or cited from previous theories (has been acknowledged), I do hereby solemnly affirm that I have completed this study with my personal efforts.

Furthermore, I declare that university of Wales Institute of Cardiff is authorised to publish, photocopy or publish this study online.

Uzair Ifrahim

Customer behaviour research explains the steps used by customers in selecting, securing, using and disposing of different products and services that usually play a vital part in fulfilling their needs. A sound understanding of customer buying behaviour directly affects the marketing strategy of a business. Basic idea behind every successful marketing strategy is to understand the needs and preferences of the target customers. Customers’ needs can only be met if a business has full understanding about these needs. Understanding of the customer buying attitudes has a key role in a successful strategic marketing plan.

The overall purpose of the proposed research is to highlight the factors that affect the customers’ buying attitudes towards handheld electronic devices in UK.

The author has used deductive research approach during this research. The author designed 20 hypotheses after a review of theories and in order to test these, a detailed questionnaire was designed. The compiled results have been analyses using regression analysis and ch-square test.

The findings suggest that

There is a strong impact of culture, product price and product features on customers’ buying behaviours towards hand held electronic devices. Customers with more age are influenced due to culture, product features, additional product features and technical product features while more males are influences by product features, technical features, advertisements and celebrity endorsement in advertisements.

The author has conducted this research as a compulsory part of the final degree of Bachelors of Arts in Business Studies. The author is extremely thankful to all those who showed their encouraging cooperation. In this regard, Mr. ======== ===== has shown his great cooperation during this study.

The author is also thankful to all the customers in United Kingdom who actively participated in the surveys.

Finally, the author is thankful to his friends Zia and Ali who showed their great support by guiding about different statistical tools used in this study.

Dedicated to My Family

Chapter 1: Introduction10
1.2.Significance and Motivation for Research11
1.3.Overall Purpose and Objectives12
1.4.Summary of Report12

Chapter 2: Literature Review14
2.1.Market Segmentation, market Targeting and Positioning14
2.2.Customer Buying Attitudes and Behaviours15
2.3.Factors affecting Customer Buying Attitudes and Behaviours16
2.3.2.Customer Demographics17
2.3.3.Service Quality Features19
2.3.5.Features of Products and Services20
2.3.6.Economic Effects22
2.4.Emerging Issues and Research Hypotheses22

Chapter 3: Research Methods29
3.1.Research Philosophy: Positivism vs. Phenomenology29
3.2.Research Approach: Deductive vs. Inductive29
3.3.Data Collection Methods: Qualitative vs. Quantitative30
3.4.Research Methods30
3.6.Data Analysis31
3.7.Limitations on Research33
3.8.Research Ethics33

Chapter 4: Empirical Data Findings34
4.1.Customers’ Gender34
4.2.Customers’ Age35
4.3.Mostly Purchased...
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