Online Markerting the Benefits and Perils of Social Media

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Online marketing- the benefits and perils ofsocial media

Presented by: Tsitsi Chido Mbudzi (4307275)



Background information





Overall conclusion

Authorization: This report is authorized by Madam Norizan Tan, who is the Managing director of Blissful enterprises, a local retail outlet.  The purpose statement: The purpose of this report is to study the feasibility of incorporating a social media for a small local business in the retail area.  The scope of the study: The scope of this report is the economics of online marketing. This report covers the characteristics of social media while also providing the advantages and disadvantages of social media networks for online shopping.

 Findings were collected from both primary and secondary sources.

 The primary research involved Mr Zobs Sheshu who is a business sole trader of a small salon enterprise.

Questionnaires were also distributed randomly to people of different ethnic groups and various age.

 Information were also collected from newspapers, magazines, internet and a variety of books from Swinburne University of Technology, Sarawak campus.

l media
Online marketing on socia networks :

 Its when a business publicizes its goods online through the use of social media networks such as facebook, youtube, twitter etc.
 Online marketing comprises ofposting online advertisements or working on search engine optimization (SEO).  involves e-mail marketing, social media marketing, and content marketing, using Web analytics, online public relations, mobile marketing etc. (2012)

Social Media

 Its a way to communicate via the use ofmagazines, newspapers whichis now known as ‘traditional media’, or can also be internet based.  first social media to be on the internet was a site called Six Degrees.

 The internet itself is believed to have been developed in the 1950’s.  This new system of social media networks (egYouTube, MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter) makes the transfer of data progressively fluid among internet consumers.

Effectiveness of most popular social networks for advertising sales online.










very effective effective
not effective

Products that are usually purchased on social media networks.

Figure 2

The interview was conducted on the 15th ofOctober
2012 at Tabuan Plaza Apartments.

Traditional advertisement has for long saved its purpose and is still saving its purpose in an effective way.
He mentioned some ofthe advantages ofsocial media networks such as: it is free,
There are many potential buyers because many people use social media networks.
Disadvantages ofsocial media networks

Scams, harassment and Identity theft.

Flexible (Lau, 2010)

Less Costly (Tom 2012

There is a high chance of getting buyers quickly online through the use of videos, e- mails, audio and blogs (Nick2012)

criminal intentions by preying on innocent and unknowing public (Nick2012).

limited or no security on online marketing (Lau 2010).

aims guiltless individuals with various types of swindles scam, looking for money, and personal identification data to set up spyware.

To learn more about clients very quickly for them to make good decisions (P.R Smith, Z.Zock.2011).
CY World and MySpace permit people to present themselves, articulate their social networks, and maintain connections with others.
For work-related situations for example

Social media networks are also very cheap

Easily accessible by consumers and builds credibility

 website has to be more preferable and worth adding to someone’s agenda, Polman, P (2012)  the targeted group of...
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