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March 2013



Background of the Study

As the maiden branch of Eternal Garden, the park in Baesa was the First to exhibit the Transfiguration, the ironic statue of Jesus Christ designed by Dean Napoleon Abueva. The one towering over the branch along the entrance to north Luzon Expressway was created by the National Artist himself.

Aside from the Transfiguration, which has, since its installation, become a popular landmark in the area, other religious images can be found within Eternal Garden Baesa, such as the statue of the Brown Madonna or the image of the Blessed Virgin Mary depicted as a Filipina Mother. This religious icon is symbolic of the Filipino’s devotion to the blessed mother. A replica of the image was presented to Pope John Paul ll in 1995 by the founder of Eternal Gardens, Amb. Antonio Cabangon Chua. The statue in Baesa was created by Florante “Boy” Caedo.

Still another image found in the park that represents both Filipino culture and devotion is that of San Lorenzo Ruiz De Manila, the first Filipino saint.

Statement of the Problem

* Is the system is manageable and effective for the Customer? * How will be more productive in generating customer reservation? * What are the tools needed to create or developed the Online Mapping with Evaluation Website? * How will the customer assess the developed system in terms of the following: * Saves money

* Time consuming

Statement of the Objectives


Is to develop a Computerize and online mapping system for the company which would help individuals to familiarize the area and locate the destination easily and effectively. The system also evaluates the chosen lots, and user/client can reserve it. And give the exact graves for the dead.

* Is to Integrate digital maps that generate locations in the area and output’s destination choose by the User/Client. * Is to create a user/client accounts to access the Online mapping with reservation system. * It adds a reservation function to accommodate user/client online. * To develop a system and to be evaluated by its performance in terms of accuracy, speed, reliability, efficiency and its security.

Scope and Limitation
The proposed study is about online mapping for the company. Its functions are: * Evaluate and reserve a chosen lot.
* An Online map for destinations.
* Generate reports for the reservation.
* It has admin and user level for the security of the system.

Here are the limitations of the system:
* The mapping system is only for the location of the cemetery. * Transactions are still engaged in the company.
* The system doesn’t encompass the sales system.

System Features

The system features of this website are the online mapping with reservation and Evaluation website. We have three main users of the website the guest, registered user and the Admin. The guest can only view the map, can view the price, height, and width of the lot and can leave comment. The registered user can interact with the map (zoom, search and mark), can estimate the lot size, can reserve a lot and also can leave the comment. The admin can add/edit/delete/save/view in the database. Also can generate the reports and all the user function can also used by the admin. In this website you must create an account for the reservation of the lot.


Online mapping

Is the compilation and publication of websites...
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