Online Management System of Department of Science and Technology Region Iii Projects (Setup and Gia)

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“Online Management System of Department of Science and Technology Region III Projects (SETUP and GIA)”

Nepomuceno, Joanna Charline A.
Nuyles, Janno E.
(February, 2012)

Mr. Ferddie Quiroz Canlas

CHAPTER IIntroduction
1.1. Background of the Study
The Department of Science and Technology (DOST) is the premiere science and technology body in the country charged with the twin mandate of providing central direction, leadership and coordination of all scientific and technological activities, and of formulating policies, programs and projects to support national development. The DOST Regional Offices were established when DOST was reorganized from the then National Science Development Board (NSDB) to the National Science Technology Authority (NSTA) on March 17, 1982, and vested with broader policy-making and program implementing functions. Executive Order No. 128 mandates the Department to “provide central direction, leadership and coordination of scientific and technological efforts and ensure that the results there from are geared and utilized in areas of maximum economic and social benefits for the people” (DOST, 2010). The company’s mission is to, “Harness the inputs of science and technology to improve overall productivity and competitiveness of regional economic sectors with the goal of improving the quality of life of the people, enhancing rural enterprise development, and maintaining ecological balance through Science and Technology intervention.” Envisioning by the year of 2020 that the Philippines is a world-class leader and knowledge provider in selected Science and Technology areas. With regards with the company’s functions; Identify, gather and report pertinent data on science and technology opportunities of the region. Formulate a regional Science and Technology plan consistent with and supportive of the regional and national development Science and Technology plan. Plan/Implement/Evaluate regional programs /projects on the application of Science and Technology such as Technology Transfer and Utilization, Food Testing and Analysis Calibration Services, Science and Technology Promotion and Information Dissemination and on other areas of concern of the authority for the benefit of the people in the region. Monitor and coordinate programs and projects of the DOST councils and institutes and supportive agencies in the region. Develop and maintain institutional linkages with regional offices of other Departments, local government units and private organizations and entities for the effective implementation of Science and Technology programs in the region. Establish a network for monitoring science and technology activities in the region. Perform other functions as may be directed by higher authorities or provided by law. DOST Science and Technology area thrusts are as follows; Agriculture, Forestry, and Natural Resources; Health/Medical Sciences; Biotechnology; Information and Communications Technology; Microelectronics; Earth and Marine Sciences; Fisheries and Aquaculture; Environment; Natural Disaster Mitigation; Energy; Materials Science and Engineering; and Manufacturing and Process Engineering (DOST3, 2010). One of the flagship program of DOST that carried out technology transfer and commercialization is the Small Enterprise Technology Upgrading program (SETUP) which has consistently lived up its purpose in assisting small and medium enterprises acquire the much needed technologies to upgrade the production process thus improving the productivity and competitiveness of a company. Under SETUP, DOST provides technology upgrading product standards and testing, packaging and labeling data base management information system and establishing linkages and networking. SETUP is simply a nationwide program designed to improve the productivity of small and medium enterprises through technology upgrading by providing...
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