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Chapter 1
The Problem and its Background
As science and technology continues to advance, most of the manual task has been transformed into cybernet operation in order to cope up with the trend of the age. The fast pace makes any invention obsolete in a few years time.

Today people at work and in whatever field of the study consider the computer as a huge help. For instance, in storing and printing documents in mathematical operation, a computer could provide fast tracking work within this area, unlike in manual operation wherein access is very limited.

Inspired by the continuing effort raised by some pre need agencies in giving opportunities to some people in securing their future, the researchers come up with the idea of conducting a study about thecurrent Library Management Sytem of Asian Development Foundation College.

It is designed for the convenience of the management on keeping track and storing information. The proposed system will serve the user in many ways through a speedy, tedious and dependable system. For decades the library of Asian Development Foundation College still follows the traditional system never hindering the production of competitive graduates. But sad to say, a large part of their students hardly visits the library at all. Maybe because it is located at the fifth floor of the six-storied building or preferred books in the library takes effort and time for the hectic scheduled students of ADFC.

The researchers planned to develop an Online Library Management System they believe it could be the solution to the problem. It will certainly reduce consumption of time, money, effort and stress. Human errors will be lessened and users, whether students or librarians, will enjoy a more carefree environment making an Online Library Management System highly recommended. 1 Statement of the Problem

The Online Library Management System is exclusively designed for Asian Development Foundation College. It aims to answer the following: 1. What are the problems encountered on the current LibraryManagementSytem? 2. What system may be proposed to improve the current Library Management System of Asian Development Foundation College? 3. What are the inputs needed in developing the Online Library Management System of Asian Development Foundation College? 4. What are the assessments of the respondents on the developed Online Library Management System of Asian Development Foundation College in terms of:

a. Contents?

b. Usefulness?

Theoretical Framework
According to Mike Lance Richards “Information Processing Theory, is a concept of information processing states that this theory is primarily concern with the study of memory and on the evaluation of information”. Like computer the human mind takes in information and performs operation when needed and retrieval. Having accurate information in conducting the study it will help in the process evaluation primary concern.2

According to Jean Piaget “Constructivism Theory, knowledge is not about the world but rather constitutive of the world”. Knowledge is not a fixed about the individual through his practice of the object constructs it. A person who has the exact knowledge of a certain activity is so much important. When people work collaboratively in an authentic activity they bring their own framework and perspective to the activity. They can see the problems form different perspective and are able to negotiate and generate meaning and solution through shared understanding.3

According to Charles M. Reigeluth, “Elaboration Theory of Instruction deals with the macro level of instruction.” It is primarily concerned with the sequencing of ideas as opposed to the individual ideas themselves and examples relating to them. The sequencing of ideas relates to fundamental and representational ideas or core principles. This theory serves as foundation from which more specific...
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