Online Learning Challenges

Topics: E-learning, Learning, Skill Pages: 1 (412 words) Published: July 22, 2011
Few of the Online learning challenges along with their solutions, are: 1. Staying Motivated- being a student brings many challenges and being motivated is exceptionally hard when your teacher or lecturer is few 1000’s miles away. There is no doubt that the traditional classroom or lecture room has more of a filling to it. The face to face interaction can be what separates a specific student from graduating or continuing with his studies. Same goes for the interaction with fellow students where one’s social life many times depends on the environment he is in contact with. This situation can lead to filling Isolated and high level of self-motivation will come in very handy to get the student on course. [1] -understanding those facts is the best way of dealing with them, getting to know the fellow students is one way of getting motivated to learn. Using the interactive tools of the institution to communicate with your instructor can help as well 2. Self-discipline, a student must have self-discipline in order to succeed in learning online. the e-learning environment is flexible and free making it hard to some people to focus and learn. You don’t need to attend class at any particular time or place. You can do your assignments whenever it's convenient for you. However, this freedom is deceptive and causes the undisciplined student to miss deadlines and even fall behind in class material. This situation can be difficult to handle.[2] 3.Time management, the student can have a hard time controlling his time in many cases when there are assignments to do and he is working or have other commitments. Getting around this issue with managing your time right by assessing how long will each part of your assignments will, take can help you develop this skill and get things done on time.

4. The Technical /technical ability, put together, these are two elements that can be a barrier to e-learning. Old computer, bad internet connection, wrong hardware along with the...
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