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  • Published : April 25, 2013
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Assignment 4: G151

Chapter 11, 12, 13 Questions: Please answer all the questions below in complete sentences. In addition, please make sure to write your answers in a font color other than black.

In Chapter 11, page 83 of our textbook, Power Up, A Practical Student’s Guide to Online Learning, the authors discuss Study Skills.

1. In your own words, please summarize the three bullet points in the section entitled Paying Attention.

In order to gain the full understanding of the readings during class, one must put his or her focus to the fullest towards the main subject.

2. The authors believe that note taking is dependent on your learning style. That said, how do they define effective note taking in an online course? I believe not taking in an online course mainly include: save all the assignments, read all the announcements, and print out what is necessary.

3. In the section entitled “Testing in the Online Environment,” the authors make three points. Please summarize in your own words about the importance of pacing yourself with respect to an online test?

Most of online tests are timed. Students must be prepared for any circumstances. In other words, complete the tests or quizzes early

In Chapter 12, the authors discuss evolving learners and present us with a 21st century model (See image on page 88).

1.Using the textbook as a guide, please define the following concepts in one sentence:

a.Learning and Innovation Skills:
Define: these skills include originality, inventiveness and adaptability, critical thinking and problem solving.

b.Information, Media, and Technology Skills:
Define: the ability to communicate competently in all media forms as wells as access, understand, analyze evaluate and participate with the powerful mass media culture.

c.Life and Career Skills:
Define: Mastery of 21-century Technology must be accompanied by such personal qualities as initiative and self-direction,...
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