Online Inventory System

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This chapter presents the project context, purpose and description, general and specific objectives, significance study, and scope and limitation of the proposed system.

Project Context
The Commission on Higher Education (CHED) Region V – Bicol is a public institution whose task is to promote quality education here in Bicol region having the mission to provide effective central office direction and implement programs and mechanism to ensure affordable quality higher accessible to all. With the vision a key leader and effective partner in transforming HEI’s towards producing highly competent and productive professionals through dynamic excellent and client oriented services and with a mandates to promote quality education, take appropriate steps to ensure that education should be accessible to all, and to ensure and protect academic freedom for continuing intellectual growth, the allowance of learning and research, the development of responsible and effective leadership, the education, enrichment of historical and cultural heritage. The Commission on Higher Education Region V-Bicol is the governing body covering both public and private HEIs as well as degree granting programs in tertiary institutions in the Philippines. As of 2011, there are 154 registered Tertiary schools in the region, 108 of it are private and 46 are public schools [1]. With the huge number of registered HEIs in the region, the CHED RO-V is still adopting the traditional way or system in monitoring the faculty profile, line-up and academic qualification of all tertiary instructors under a specific tertiary institution her in Bicol region. Wherein all tertiary educational institution authorized person or staff will have to go to CHED Region V office personally to submit the faculty profile and line-up including the academic qualification of all instructors. Using the current system, CHED RO V found difficulty on tracking down the update of the manpower line-up of every HEI’s in region, filtering and checking the faculty qualifications and their academic performance.

Purpose and Description
Quality and highly competitive Higher Educational Institutions (HEIs) that produce world class graduates in the Bicol region are challenges and mission of Commission on Higher Education (CHED) Region V. Having a competitive HEIs name is not enough for all this lies on the quality manpower line-up and qualification does a HEIs have. With these foregoing circumstances, this project proposal was conceived. This study aims to provide an easy-to-use and convenient online monitoring information system for Commission on Higher Education Region V-Bicol that will monitor all tertiary school manpower line-up, profile and academic qualification in accordance to CMO No.53 series of 2006 also known as Program Assessment and Monitoring Report. The proposed project will be use by all tertiary schools in the region as a tool in storing, retrieving, and updating their faculty profile and academic qualification. This study aims to develop an online system as a tool to be used by Commission on Higher Education Region V Bicol in gathering and monitoring the tertiary school manpower profile, line-up and academic qualifications and as a application for tertiary schools in the region wherein they can store, retrieve, and update their manpower profile and academic qualification with fast, safe, economical and easy to use information system. With the advance technology, the system will provide tertiary school a place wherein they can store, retrieve, and update their manpower profile line-up and qualifications over the web. For the Commission on Higher Education Region V-Bicol this study aims to help enhance the quality service that CHED RO-V is rendering and this will also provide the CHED RO-V a mirror to monitor the qualifications of faculty line-up of every tertiary school in the region based on the submitted...
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