Online Inquiry and Reservation System of Spring Garden Therapeutic Family Resort

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Online Inquiry and Reservation System
of Spring Garden Therapeutic Family Resort

An Undergraduate Thesis
presented to
the Faculty of West Visayas State University
Pototan Campus
Pototan, Iloilo

In Partial Fulfillment
Of the Requirements for the Degree
Of Bachelor of Science in Information Technology
Shaja P. Pauya
Shantie May L. Valencia
Vanessa Joy P. Casales
Jayce Chel A. Eborde
Jouana Mae B. Pedregosa

March 2012
Chapter 1

The Problem

Chapter One has six parts: (1) Background of the
Study, (2) Overview of the Current and Related Systems,
(3) Objectives of the Study, (4) Significance of the Study, (5) Definition of Terms, and (6) Delimitation of the Study.

Background of the Study
Spring Garden Therapeutic Family Resort uses manual style of transacting business with its customer. They use the manual process in booking, reserving and logging in names of customer. However, with the rapid growth of guests inquiring for about 50 to 70 persons per day plus the walk in customers the management cannot specify the exact number of customer entering in the resort, the management somehow is experiencing insufficiency and inadequate man power services. This situation, prompted us to propose an “On-Line Inquiry and reservation system of Spring Garden Therapeutic Family Resort” so that the interested parties would be informed. Contracting On-Line is a great help to the customers. Especially we are living in a modern world which technology makes our work faster and easier.

On-Line Reservation System and Inquiry of Spring Garden Therapeutic Family Resort” aims to implement and to develop an interrupted webpage system that will help the management post retrieve information easily and accurate. Increasingly potential customers are looking for vacations and accommodations are searching online. Gone are the days when consumers had to rely on tourist and resort brochures along with the advice of local travel agent when planning a holiday. With the internet in virtually every home, people have access to more travel information than they could ever use. Many vacation prospects want to avoid the telephone calls and the human element and cut to the chase. In a nutshell, they want to see what is available, establish the cost and then, book and confirm online with their credit card. Services that are ahead of the curve, that provide consumer choice and offer a variety of resort and vacation options with quality assurance, online availability and settlement that are preferred by web savvy travelers (

The new reservation service offered by Resort of Ontario can provide association-wide online availability and settlement capability that will allow customers to book reservations and pay for them directly from the association web site. The new online service ranks resort members by priority based on customer keyword searches. Resort packages or vacation experiences will appear along with link to the resort profiles and images (

The program of the DORS which is Direct On-Line Reservation System allows guest to book confirmed reservations through the internet without having to call a reservation desk. It will help close more sales which the guests van confirm availability and price instantly (

It would be nice to travel if you knew where you were going and where you would live at the end or do we ever know, do we ever live where we live, and we’re always in other places, lost, like sheep (Frame, 1924).

Overview of the Current System and Related System
Current System
Spring Garden Therapeutic Family Resort currently uses manual process in booking, in reserving and in logging in names. However, with the rapid growth of guest inquiring, there are times that the management experiences insufficient and inadequate manpower services. The only promotional advertisement of Spring Garden Therapeutic Family Resort is...
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