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Development of a practical Online Help Desk (OHD) for the facilities in the campus

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Development of a practical Online Help Desk (OHD) for the facilities in the campus

Abstract of the project

This project is aimed at developing an Online Help Desk (OHD) for the facilities in the campus. This is an Intranet based application that can be accessed throughout the campus. This system can be used to automate the workflow of service requests for the various facilities in the campus. This is one integrated system that covers different kinds of facilities like class-rooms, labs, hostels, mess, canteen, gymnasium, computer center, faculty club etc. Registered users (students, faculty, lab-assistants and others) will be able to log in a request for service for any of the supported facilities. These requests will be sent to the concerned people, who are also valid users of the system, to get them resolved. There are features like email notifications/reminders, addition of a new facility to the system, report generators etc in this system.


Generic Technlogy keywords

Databases, Network and middleware, Programming

Specific Technology keywords

MS-SQL server, HTML, Active Server Pages

Project type keywords

Analysis, Design, Implementation, Testing, User Interface

Functional components of the project

Following is a list of functionalities of the system. More functionalities that you find appropriate can be added to this list. More facilities that are appropriate to your college can be included in the system. And, in places where the description of a functionality is not adequate, you can make appropriate assumptions and proceed.

There are registered people in the system (students, faculty, lab-assistants and others). Some of them are responsible for maintaining the facilities (like, the lab-assistant is responsible for keeping the lab ready with all the equipment in proper condition, the students council is responsible for taking forward students’ complaints/requests to the faculty/administration etc).

There are three kinds of users for this system:

1. those who use the system to create a request (end-users) 2. those who look at the created requests and assign them to the concerned people (facility-heads) 3. those who work on the assigned requests and update the status of the same on the system (assignees)

There is also an ‘Administrator’ for doing the Admin-level functions such as creating user accounts, adding new facilities to the system etc.

1. A person should be able to

• login to the system through the first page of the application

• change the password after logging into the system

• see the status of the requests...
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