Online Grading System for Maria Loreto Integrated School Foundation Inc.

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Online Grading System is a web-based application that can be used to create report cards, class grade list and roll sheet attendance report. It posts the grades of the students online. Also, online grading system is a system where the teachers encode grades via the internet. It allows immediate access to grades, and often has user friendly features wherein parents have a complete access to all grades as they are posted at anytime.

In today’s living, most educators find it easy to have an online grading system in their school because it promotes a strong home-school connection and allow busy parents to get involved to their child’s academic performance. Teachers also say that having an online grading system makes it easier for them to input the grades of their students whenever and wherever they want to. If grades are made available to parents on the internet, they will have access to specifics about the academic performance of their child. Parents and teachers will be able to communicate with each other on a regular basis with the use of an online grading program.

For this reason, schools use grading systems to communicate with students and parents about student performance. Grades also help teachers communicate with one another, providing easy-to-understand data about student performance. Grades are meant to be a concrete evaluation of student knowledge. Like in high school and elementary, they get the average of the grades in each subjects using different percentage though they give a consideration if the students are failing on certain subjects.

Loreto Integrated School Foundation Inc., can be found within the vicinity of Pinamalayan. It is one of the competitive and well-known schools in that town. The school mainly focuses on the development of skills and scholastic intelligence of the students. The school has two- storey buildings and each room is air conditioned that fits for the students learning. It is composed of three hundred two (302) students which are divided into groups of students- preparatory, nursery, kinder and elementary level from grade one (1) to six (6).

A. Project Description

Online Grading System for Maria Loreto Integrated School Foundation Inc. will help the teacher to input the grades of the student and retrieve student’s record easily and quickly. This system will have the student’s profile including their name, address, gender, grade level and picture. The parents can view the grades of their child anytime they want.

B. Project Context

Based on data gathering, the project context was formulated. The proponents show the difference between the existing manual system and the proposed online grading system.

1. Description of the Existing Manual System
The existing system used the manual process of preparing the grades of the students. The computed subject grade of every student is based from the recitation, quizzes, unit test, periodical exams, project and assignment. When the computation of subject grades is finished, the teachers use the averaging type of computation as they input the final grade in the report card. Each grading period contains different percentage as well as the subjects they teach. The extracurricular activities are also a part of their manual grading depending on the subject that covers it. After all the data are inputted in the report card, they will have a conference with the principal and the parents of the students. a. Data Capture

Data Entry| Data Needed|
Subject grade| Quizzes|
| Recitation|
| Assignment|
| Project|
| Unit test|
| Weekly test|
| Monthly test|
| Periodical examinations|
Table 1Subject Grade Data|

Data Entry| Data Needed|
Student Information| Full Name|
| Address|
| Gender|
| Grade Level|
Table 2Student Information|

b. Input
Name of Document:Subject Grade
Prepared by: Teacher
Number of Copy: 1
Purpose: To show...
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