Online Grading System

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Online Grade Inquiry System

This chapter presents the background of the study, significance of the study, the objective of the study and the scopes and limitations

Background of the Study

A lot of parents are neither aware nor updated on their child’s performance in school; they did not know the grades that their child had received. Usually, students do not want to show their grades to their parents or their parents live in a distance place that is why they do not have the chance to show their grades even if they like to do so. These are the main reason why I had created this research.

Base on my research, nowadays, universities like FEU, DLSU, AdU, UST, UPHS and ADMU use ONLINE GRADE INQUIRY, they had a common objective and those are: For the parents to be updated on their child’s performance and to avoid children bluffs about their grades. It is not good to hear, but that is the reality. The ONLINE GRADE INQUIRY that I had designed is very user friendly that is why there is no reason for the parents to worrynot to be able to use this just because they do not usually use computer and internet. General Objective

This study aims to develop an Online Grade Inquiry for Pateros Technological College. Specific Objectives
1. To design an Online Grade Inquiry System that allows both parents and students to access to the said system. 2. To design a system relative to the above that is easy to use for those parents who are computer illiterate. 3. To design a system that is secured which cannot be modified or retrieved by unauthorized person. Significance of the Study

* This study is very accurate for those parents who are in abroad or provinces. * I have thought of Online Grade Inquiry, because I want the parents to be updated on their children’s school grades or performance. * Some working students are not able to see their class cards, because of lack of time. This Online Grade Inquiry will help them see their grades with a...
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