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Topics: Object-oriented programming, Graphical user interface, Programming language Pages: 2 (280 words) Published: March 5, 2013


The online grade inquiry is designed for the parent’s that has a busy schedule or they live in a distance place. This website contains the student grade in all of their subjects and it’s automatically updated every (prelim, midterm, final) or semester.

In the is regard, the developer had studied and analyze the problem to come up making this kind of system and as a result of the studies problem, we propose the online grade inquiry that could help them in favor in there side it could lessen the time and effort.


Through the analysis of this study, the main problem is the parent’s time or they live in a distance place to make a solution an ONLINE GRADE INQUIRY website was the best solution as a programmer concludes that the proposed website will be helpful to parents to lessen too much time.

The design of the website was make simple and easy to understand we consider them well we build it the system as much as possible we avoid complicated procedures so that the user can operate and manipulate data, it can hold record and stored at the same time.


The developer recommends the ONLINE GRADE INQUIRY, because this software is very helpful and there work will be easily done, this website provides powerful features such as graphical user interface, event handling, object oriented and error handling if there are changes or addition in the website in favor in there side my group will do are very best to reach the expectation in the proposed website.

In future advancement we will use more advanced and latest software and hardware devices to improve our website.
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