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  • Published : December 6, 2012
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Jose Cesar Alejandro M. Melchor
EN 12: R-07
Professor Anne Christine Ensomo
November 30, 2012
Topic: Gaming, a different form of Social Networking
A. Focusing Question: How has the form of Online Gaming become a mode of Social Networking? 1. Tentative Thesis: Given the advancement of the technological institution in society, the potential Online Gaming, as a mode of Social Networking, has become evident with the interactions and reactions of those who participate in the practice with other participants and its ever changing format. B. Subordinate Questions

2. Subordinate question: How do the different platforms of Online Gaming exhibit a place conductive to human contact? * Supporting argument: The platforms of Online Gaming have branched out into several forms of which contribute to a social dynamic relative to human contact. Sony Entertainment has set up the PlaystationNetwork ,Microsoft has established Xbox Live, and other networks, such as Ubisoft and Bioware, have built areas wherein their participants may socialize and interact with fellow gamers. 3. Subordinate question: How does technological advancement fit into the context of Online Gaming? * Supporting argument: Prior to the invention of the internet, the only mode wherein the practice of multiplayer video gaming could be established was on Local Area Servers/Routers. After the internet had entered society, the birth of Online Gaming occurred. Given further technological inventions such as cellular phones and other media devices, Online Gaming’s capabilities have grown. 4. Subordinate question: How does Online Gaming distinguish itself from the other modes of Visual Gaming? * Supporting argument: The main contrast between Online Game and other modes of Video Gaming is the form of connectivity wherein active participants may partake in the act of gaming. The other modes of gaming require either one or two objects: A visual device and the...
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