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Topics: Project management, Proposal, Thesis or dissertation Pages: 12 (3212 words) Published: March 14, 2013
Cover Page
The cover page should contain the following:
• Title (subtitle Optional)
• Name of Project Proponent
• Date Submitted
The following disclaimer should appear on the page following the cover: “This project is submitted to the Institute of Computer Science in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree Master in Information Technology at the University of the Philippines Los Baños. It is the product of my own work except where indicated in the text. The project report or any portion thereof including the source code or any section may be freely copied and distributed provided that the source is acknowledged.” Acceptance Sheet

The acceptance sheet should contain the following:
• Introductory paragraph
This project proposal entitled “” submitted to the Institute of Computer Science, University of the Philippines University Los Baños in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree Master of Information Technology is hereby accepted. • Signature of Adviser

• Date
• Signature of the Panel 1
• Date
• Signature of the Panel 1
• Date
2 This is the proposed standard to be evaluated by the Institute of Computer Science, University of the

This section gives an overall view of your project in not more than 300 words. The contents must mention the following: • The project output (What you propose to develop)
• The problem domain
• Objectives and significance of the project
• Identity of project sponsor
• Description of setting and institutional background
• Description of the system development process you plan to follow • Design Studies you plan to do during development
• Proposed project assessment scheme
I. The Problem Domain
This chapter should be able to elaborate on the following sections in not more than 900 words: A. Statement of the Problem
1. What your project will address
B. Background and Objectives of the Project
1. What initiated the project. Could be:
a. Current relevant institutional gaps
b. Improvements/enhancements to the current running systems c. Requests by users/clientele for systems development initiative C. Significance and Scope of the Project
D. Documentation of Existence and Seriousness of the Problem 1. Documentation of current system/s (if any)
2. Problem/s identified with the existing systems
3. Process models of existing systems contributing to the problem 4. Data models of these existing systems
5. Data (or any form of statistics) that may be relevant to prove existence and seriousness of the identified problems
II. Review of Existing Alternatives
This chapter should be able to present the following in not more than 600 words: • Description of how users/clientele currently cope with the problem. • Assess the best available resources for addressing the problem. • Describe how you propose to take advantage of existing and current best practices in your project. 4 | P a g e

III. Approach to be taken in this subject
This chapter should be able to present the following in not more than 900 words: A. Theoretical Framework
1. Information Systems theories you intend to use
2. Systems design principles you intend to use. These include relevant process and Data models
B. Rationale for the framework
1. How it fits the problem domain and goes beyond the existing alternatives C. Technologies you plan to consider or use
1. Why these technologies are appropriate
2. What they add to the most promising existing alternative IV. Project Plan
This chapter should contain the following sufficient detail within 1200 words: A. Concept
1. Description of the design as you currently envision it
2. Process model, data model, and other schematics to visually present your concept.
3. List of key features of the proposed design with brief explanation and rationale for each feature.
B. Methods
1. Brief description of the methods you will use to develop the...
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