Online Enrollment System Conceptual Framework

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A. The Online Method of Enrollment
a. How OEM works
b. Online Systems and their Maintenance Cost
B. Online Enrollment Method vs. Traditional Method of Enrollment a. Top-rated Universities in the Phil. and their Methods of Enrollment b. Enrollment System of SLU
C. Related Researches


The Online Enrollment System (OEM) is a method designed to perform the process involved in registration, advising, assessments, and payments of students as well as scheduling of classes in any educational institution.

Online enrollment system is utilized today by many universities to facilitate the enrollment of their students into classes every semester (Gaton, 2012). The system allows students to choose courses they want to take with the available class schedules. This allows students to make up their time schedules for different class courses without time schedule conflicts. After the allotted enrollment period, the system runs and assigns slots to students.

With the Online Student Enrollment System, students could login, check their schedule, and set desired changes and pay online without having to stand in a line and rushing to meet deadlines to accomplish all the transactions required for enrollment (Ella, 2012). It would be less time consuming and very convenient.

a.How OEM Works

How about a student online enrollment system conveniently linked to your information portal? This service could help lessen the amount of time and effort in enrolling for subjects in every semester (Marchan, 2012).

You might have encountered some websites which provide services that require registration online. The customer information is stored in the database and used for every transactions made. This eliminates manual registration and sometimes payment process for customers. All businesses are accomplished fast, efficient and conveniently, in your computer.

According to Binayao(2010), Online Systems usually follows this simple diagram(refer to Fig.1 below).

Figure 1

New students need to sign up by filling out the personal information page with their unique ID number to be activated by the secretary. The system recognizes the valid user ID. The secretary can add grades of the students. Thus, the students can view their grades online.

The system evaluates the subjects previously taken by the students and generates a list of subjects that the students can enroll. After the students have selected the subjects to be enrolled, the proposed system shows the different schedules of each subject.

Finally, the system generates the enrollment form that contains the financial statement and schedules of subject. The administrator can add curriculum, subjects, and schedules. He can also view the students’ profile and the list of students enrolled in every subject and in every department.

b. Online Systems and their Maintenance

The Internet is the most convenient and efficient commodity for organizations and businesses alike. Websites function as a portal for members, customers and others to communicate, provide services and support 24-hours a day. It is cost effective for promotion, marketing and information dissemination (Ella,2012)

NLS, NAPOLCOM, SOL, and GoDirect are a few of the leading providers on Online System Worldwide(Ella,2012). They all differ on structure, but all of them offers great service on an affordable price. In the Philippines, universities like UST, FEU and DLSU all created their own systems of Online Enrollment.

Johnston (2009) implies that maintaining OE Systems may require license updates, upgrades, and hardware maintenance. It may cost $5-$25(equivalent to P200-P1000) per User per Month, depending on the System.


In the past couple of decades, computers and technology have revolutionized once-slow processes, saving...
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