Online Enrollment System

Topics: Computer, Management, Implementation Pages: 10 (3064 words) Published: April 20, 2012

The School of Accountancy and Business Management has long been known for it’s disorganized process of enrollment. For the past years, students have been experiencing the same problem during semestral enrollment. There are instances when they are not able to enroll property nor they get the subjects they are supposed to have. Often times they can not avail the maximum units which causes their delay.

During our First year, enrollment was more advantageous compared to the higher years. All they have to do is fill up the form and transfer the schedule given and prepared by the Dean and have it signed by the authorized representative of the different offices for the approval, admission and reservation of the class cards.

Higher years were the ones who suffered from the inconvenience of waiting in long line for a period of time in order to complete the enrollment. After their tentative schedules have been evaluated, they also need to have the signatures of the authorized representative of the different offices required in the form. From the registrar’s office, the students will proceed to the accounting office for the assessment and payment of their fees. With the use of their receipts, it serves as a proof that they had already paid their fees and use it as a claim receipts for the school I.D. and have it registered in a designated place. Lastly, they will proceed back to the assigned rooms where they can claim their class cards. Despite the existing problems during enrollment, they introduced and adopt the On-line Enrollment System. The on-line enrollment system is a centralized processing type of enrollment; it is run through a central processing unit in different terminals, when they have one server and a uniform data processing. Such modernization of enrollment system helped in organizing the enrollment process. Now a network of computers through a centralized processing unit or server easily accesses data. Every bit of information such as name, course, year of students to their grades, account balances are easily accessed through the computers. It made the enrollment in College of Accountancy and Commerce shorter and easier in terms of time and effort. Still, in spite of selecting the best system of enrollment, students are encountering problems during enrollment. Despite the changes in enrollment procedure, relatively there are improvements, which will surely contain good, or better policies and guidelines. This study answers the question in how this on-line enrollment system affects the students and the administrators. It is for the above reason that this particular study was conducted. School of Accountancy and Business Management adopt an enrollment modernization, which is now the On-line enrollment system. Students are aware of the differences of the on-line enrollment system from the previous one. To be able to render effective and efficient implementation to serve better service and to accommodate all students of School of Accountancy and Business Management, a proper management or implementation of the policies and guidelines of the on-line enrollment system should be adopted so as the School of Accountancy and Business Management Administrators would not encounter same problems as they were in the previous enrollment procedure. THEORETICAL FRAMEWORK

Education is the act of educating; systematic development or training of the mind, capabilities, or character through instructor or study. It is the acquisition of knowledge or skills; especially in forming schooling institution of learning.1

Every university or any learning institution intends to be the premier institution with widely acknowledged world class performance or standard of education. They look into ways and means to accommodate potential and deserving enrollees by adopting a new or highly technical machines and procedures or methods for a better enrollment process. They see to it that a good...
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