Online Distant Learning Is Not Beneficial

Topics: Education, Internet, Distance education Pages: 2 (628 words) Published: April 9, 2013
Online Distant learning is Not Beneficial to Learners

Online distant learning programs help make the easy connection of students in a program connect to the more accessible home environment in a simple way. Students are now given the option of getting their education and making their own schedules, without going through a second person in an easy more efficient way. Consequently, to succeed in online courses and programs the student must have good time management, a computer or laptop, and internet connection. Also online distant learning programs are subjectively done through monologue, not our dialogue; having been previously filmed and then posted on the internet stating course information, not caring about the viewers, or if the course information was properly understood. Though online distant learning programs may seem like an easy way to get educated, the disadvantages should not be forgotten while discussing the very debatable and extremely deceiving online distant learning programs.

Firstly, Students would achieve higher success rates’ being in a classroom, rather than being in an online distant learning program, considering that in classrooms most everything is done hands on with a course instructor, without outside distractions. One of the many disadvantages of using an online distant learning program is not having an instructor present, who explains the course in detail and is available to aid students with the course work. When using an online distant learning program it is not possible to obtain satisfactory feedback from an instructor, causing students to complete less work, leading to higher rates of frustration from lack of understanding, and may also lead to higher rates of students dropping the course. Online distant learning programs are more reflective and demanding in comparison to normal classroom instructions, which include a lot of time for interacting and explanations of the subject repeatedly. Also in order to be up-to-date or...
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