“Online Disconnect” by Gary Shteyngart

Topics: Mobile phone, Smartphone, Personal digital assistant Pages: 2 (714 words) Published: February 25, 2011
Technology is controlling and changing our everyday lives. I strongly believe Gary Shteyngart in his article “Only Connect”; not only is the I-phone changing everybody lives, but any other smart phone that exists in today’s society. Shteyngart says “With each passing year, scientists estimate that I lose between 6 and 8 percent of my humanity, so that by the close of this decade you will be able to quantify my personality.” He is correct because every year technology changes and advance. Each year people personality decrease in how they act in their everyday life. Smart phones have everything you can possibly imagine. Society is becoming too comfortable and lazy because they have all the answer they need rite at the palm of their hands. Smart phones have become very addicting to the point that people are not realizing the damage it’s doing to them self.

Shteyngart describes his personality as “the latest-model Audi” and a “brave new toaster.” He knows he’s already losing himself in the technology world just like everybody else. I myself can say I am an example of how addictive I have been with my blackberry. It is very sickening. I can be on anything involving my cell phone and I completely ignore whoever is speaking to me. I suggest that people turn off their notifications that are sent to their phone. This semester I have chosen to do this, and it has helped me improve my grade. I have managed to go into facebook twice a day when usually I was distracted all day. Smartphone are decreasing the ability of learning instead of increasing it.

Continue, closing up his essay Shteyngart states “In the meantime, something “white nights” will be happening out there; the sun has set and yet it has not. With the animal safely in our stomachs, with single malts and beers before us, we can read or talk softly about what we’re reading, about the glory and sadness of finding ourselves this close to the middle of our existence (cue the Chekhov, cue the Roth) and as we do...
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