Online Dating Service and People

Topics: Online dating service, Love, Online dating Pages: 25 (8825 words) Published: June 27, 2011
What are the strategies found on that encourage dating and loving relationships and how is a person affected?

May 2010

Table of Contents

Abstract 3 Aim/Introduction 4-5

Chapter 1 Profile Selection 6-10 * Semiotics and mythology
* Idealization
* Freudian theory (id, ego and superego)

Chapter 2 Dating 11-13 * Match messenger
* Romantic fantasy
Chapter 3 Results and Findings 14-26 * Content and discourse analysis
* Case study results and conclusion
* Interview and conclusion
Conclusion 25- Bibliography 28-29 Appendices 30+


This thesis presents an analysis of the key strategies found on that play a pivotal role in encouraging individuals to become members to find ‘true love’. The intent of this study examines, if possible, how true love can be marketed on-line and, more so, with a guarantee. It will also seek to understand the ideological underpinnings of this mainstream Internet match-making site. Based on the conception of the Internet since the 1960s and statistical studies by Whitty and Carr (2006), the Internet was intentionally produced to link with other computers and has evolved to link people and rarely computers. As this is apparent, many dating and match-making sites exist at large in a competitive market, offering love for a price that people willingly buy into for various reasons. This is a problem as it has become a profitable business idea and appears to differentiate itself from free dating sites. There is an Idea presented that a paying service ensures ‘quality singles’ or ‘real’ people. This research focuses on the various strategies used by in the hopes of investigating how one is affected by them from entering the site as an individual to experiencing the site as a member. I will also evaluate the ideology presented on that love is based on a matter of compatibility.

It has become evident that the Internet is a medium for socialising and forming relationships, but to what extent is not known. For example, there are many dating and match-making sites advertised on and off-line offering love relationships. I am interested in investigating the strategy in terms of how it is used to play into the notion or create the ideology of a happy ending, which consumers, willingly buy into. My findings explore and find out how consumers are affected socially and psychologically as there is a debate as to whether this is an issue of concern, or one to be over-looked and put down to the changing digital world we are living in. This topic has developed from my own personal experiences of online dating and how easy it was for me to fall into a fantasy world or obsession with communicating online to someone in search of a special or romantic relationship. Initially, my intentions did not involve looking for love online but to communicate and possibly build a friendship with people from all over the world, which can be termed as online dating. However, because of the strategies in place, it can be hard for people to dismiss or ignore the material they are being constantly bombarded with once online as a possible ploy to capture our emotions or design a place for people to at least consider a romantic relationship.

I have chosen to focus on as a site for...
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